Heatwave in Turkey: The heatwave over the Mediterranean Sea in pictures from space

Recently, the fire in the forests of Turkey sent the whole world into panic. The situation is worsening due to the heat wave near the Mediterranean and this crisis is even more visible in the latest photos from the European Space Agency (ESA). These images were taken from Earth orbit. In these, the effect of the heatwave on different areas of the Mediterranean can be seen. The agency also shared a map. It shows the ground temperature on August 2.

The situation worsened due to the heatwave
It is clear from this map that the temperature in Turkey and Cyprus had reached over 50 degrees Celsius. Greece is also expected to exceed the highest temperature on record of 47 degrees Celsius. The heat wave from the heated dome has caused temperatures to rise above 40 degrees Celsius in many areas. According to estimates from the Meteorological Service, this situation will continue in the coming days. For this reason, it could be the most severe heat wave since 1980.

Forest fires in Turkey are out of control
Turkey’s forests have seen dangerous and deadly fires since last week. The situation became so dire that everything from tourists to local residents had to be evacuated from Bodrum and Marmaris to safer places. A very worrying situation was also observed near coastal areas where people were forced to flee in boats as the blaze approached the coast.

At the same time, fires also started to increase in Spain, Italy and Greece. For this reason, the European Copernicus emergency mapping service has also started. It collects data using satellites so that people trapped in disasters such as forest fires or floods can be rescued and losses can be reduced.

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