Hefajat E Islam Intense violence after the visit of Prime Minister Modi Bangladesh Pause Statue of Kali and Krishna at temple: Massive violence in Bangladesh to protest Prime Minister Modi, fundamentalists smash statue of Mother Kali-Krishna, 10 dead

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Violent violence in Brahmanbaria, Chittagong region, after the return of Prime Minister Modi of Bangladesh, armed supporters of the Bangladesh Muslim fundamentalist group Hifazat-e-Islam committed violent violence. Broke Dhaka
The Battle of Brahmanbaria in the Chittagong region of the country became a battleground upon the return of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi supporters of the Bangladesh Muslim fundamentalist group Hifazat-e-Islam committed fierce violence and destroyed a temple. These fanatics broke the idol of Mother Kali and Lord Shri Krishna kept in the temple. More than 10 people have died and hundreds have been injured in the violence to date.

Hifazat-e-Islam supporters fiercely targeted police stations, public offices, party offices and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s buses. These people smashed 15 coaches of a train and smashed its 117 windows. The effect of the terror of these fanatics was that the offices, the police stations burned down but the fire team could not find the courage to go there even if they wanted to.
PM Modi’s visit to Bangladesh: Attack on a Hindu temple as soon as PM Narendra Modi’s tour ends in Bangladesh, violence across the country
Attack on Sri Sri Anandamayi Kali temple
Hifajat’s henchmen attacked the Sri Sri Anandamayi Kali temple, the largest temple in Brahmanbaria. They uprooted the temple idols and broke them. Also looted donation vessels and other items in the temple. Ashish Paul, chairman of the temple committee, said, “We were worshiping in Dole Purnima, meanwhile 200 to 300 armed people arrived and broke the door of the temple. They entered our program. We tried to save Maa Kali’s idol but they pushed us aside and broke the idol.

The Bangladeshi fundamentalist organization Hifazat-e-Islam has been on strike in the country for four days to protest against Prime Minister Modi’s visit. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Interior Minister Asaduzzjaman said no one would be allowed to rebel. He warned that restrictions would be placed on those who harm property. He said that if the government does not stop its violence, the government will be forced to take strict action.

“ Madrasa students are used in the name of religion ”
Regarding the use of madrasa students in violence, Bangladesh’s interior minister said safeguard people are using orphans and underage children to advance their agenda. He said it was anarchism. The students of the madrasa are used in the name of religion. Alam of this violence was that a journalist was caught by fundamentalists and only successfully released him after reading Kalma.

Explain that at least 10 people died in a clash with police during demonstrations by Islamic groups against Prime Minister Modi’s visit. There is a boil over those deaths after he returns. Modi arrived at the celebrations for Bangladesh’s 50th Independence Day. Prime Minister Modi is accused by Islamic groups of discriminating against Muslims and violence increased during his visit. Javed Rahim, a journalist, said Brahmanbaria was on fire. Many government offices were set on fire. Many were also injured in the press club including the club president. There is an atmosphere of fear and helplessness here.

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