Heineken offers beverages to its employees as a support measure for the hospitality industry

Heineken offers beverages to its employees as a support measure for the hospitality industry

Christmas has always been a key moment for the hotel industry, which at that time achieved 25% of its annual turnover. It will, without a doubt, be the most unusual Christmas we will remember. Time restrictions, capacity and mobility limitations and the reduction of social gatherings endanger thousands of establishments and jobs in Spain. Faced with this prospect, HEINEKEN decided to pursue its # STRENGTH spirit and to turn again with hoteliers.

To do this, he gave more than 235 thousand euros to members of his family in Spain to promote consumption in bars and restaurants. More than 2,300 gift cards were delivered to employees of HEINEKENEspaa and those of other companies who joined #FUERZABAR as SIH at national level and INCABE in the Canary Islands. A total of 100 euros per person, with which they can enjoy any consumption throughout the year 2021, with whomever they want and in thousands of catering establishments in our country, whether or not they are customers of Brewery.

Carmen Ponce, Director of Corporate Relations at HEINEKENEspaa, said: “Christmas is a time of celebration with the family. Bars are also part of our family, which is why HEINEKEN wants to show them that we are always at their side by helping them to promote consumption to continue to safely enjoy one of the symbols of our cultural heritage. This Christmas our toast goes to the bar, and we can’t think of a better way than to pass it through our best ambassadors, our people ”.

With this action, framed in the social movement of support for the hotel industry #FUERZABAR with which an investment of more than 150 million euros has already been contributed in 2020, HEINEKENEspaa thanks its employees and its team for the effort made in during this year and encourages you to continue to make your contribution so that our bars can survive. Because in Spain the bar is more than a bar and the country’s economy is in its business – it represents around 20% of the GDP if we take into account all the sectors involved in its daily activity – but, above all, because that it is a symbol of our cultural identity that we do not want to give up.

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