Hellfire gaza attack: Israel Ninja Missile Hellfire Rocket Target Car in Gaza: Attack with a ninja missile inside a car in Israel

The rocket war continues between the IDF and Hamas in Gaza. In the meantime, many questions have arisen about a car that exploded in the Gaza Strip. The way this vehicle was targeted, there is speculation that Israel designed its own weapon modeled after the American “ninja missile”. In fact, the white-colored Citroën Xsara was targeted by the IDF and its windows and doors were stolen, but other than that the car was not damaged. A similar situation occurs with the R9X Ninja missile. (File photo: US ARMY, BY: SGT. AARON R. BRADDY)

Inner target

This missile had been in work since 2011. It was first used in 2017 to kill Al Qaeda’s deputy leader, now Khair al-Masri, in Syria. It was used in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan in 2019. It is also called Flying Ginsu. Its purpose is so precise that a person in the car can kill and others will not be injured. It is said that Obama wanted to kill Osama Bin Laden in 2011 but then decided to send him to the Navy SEAL team.

Car attack in Gaza

R9X missiles are variations of the Hellfire rocket that have 6 deadly blades instead of explosives. They usually target a specific person and cut with a blade instead of an explosion. The United States has used them in Libya, Syria and Iraq. Given the relationship between Israel and America, the discussion is intensifying as to whether Israel itself manufactured such a weapon. Cars such as cars do not take much damage from ninja missile attacks. Just get a big hole. It does not give an explosion-like mark when attacked.

America used

A modified version of Hellfire R9X was created during Barack Obama’s tenure. The decision was made following civilian casualties in drone strikes in the Middle East. Activists hid among women and children because it reduced their fear of being targeted. This weapon has the Hellfire missile laser sighting system but has 45kg of metal instead of the explosive. It has 6 blades that open before the target is hit. For this reason, a particular target can be targeted. (Photo: CPT BRIAN HARRIS, US ARMY)

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