Henkel Ibrica renews the diversity charter for two more years

The companies that make up this code of commitment granted by the Fondation pour la Diversité must respect its regulations based on equal opportunities and against discrimination.

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 18 November 2020

Diversity is one of the core values ​​of Henkel’s corporate culture which, together with inclusion, helps build a strong global team that makes a difference. In accordance with this commitment, Henkel Ibrica renewed for two years the Diversity Charter, a code of commitment granted by the Foundation for Diversity in recognition of the company’s efforts to promote equal opportunities and inclusion, and which Henkel joined in 2009.

The more than 40 companies that voluntarily sign the diversity charter assume responsibility for complying with the regulations in force in terms of equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. More specifically, they must assume basic principles such as: raising awareness of equal opportunities and respect for diversity; promote inclusion and build a diverse workforce; promote reconciliation through a balance between work, family and leisure; recognize the diversity of its clients; among others.

The renewal of the diversity charter until 2022 is yet another example of the company’s commitment to equality and diversity. And this is because Henkel Ibrica has been working in this line for years, especially since the creation in 2008 of an Equality Commission, responsible for drawing up the first Equality Plan in the company and which during all these years it has put in place. many initiatives and measures. which allowed a very positive development of the female presence both in the workforce and in positions of responsibility. Thanks to these initiatives, 38% of Henkel Ibrica’s workforce is currently women, 44% of whom hold positions of responsibility. In addition, the management committee has gone from being composed entirely of men to 40% women.

The Diversity Foundation is an entity created by the European Institute for the Management of Diversity and the Alares Foundation with the aim of promoting the inclusion of diversity management in Spain through the implementation of the Charter of diversity, an initiative of the European Commission.

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