Henkel renews the distinctive concept of “equality in the company”

Henkel has renewed for the third time since its inception, the “Equality in Business” award for a further three years, being part of the DIE network, an initiative of the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities. With this, Henkel is part of the select group of 160 Spanish companies that have this distinction, thanks to its firm commitment to equal opportunities and non-discrimination between women and men.

Henkel has been part of the DIE network since its creation in 2010, as a pioneering company in corporate equality policies. In fact, currently 38% of the company’s team is made up of women, 44% of whom hold positions of responsibility. In addition, the management committee has gone from being composed entirely of men to 40% women.

The DIE network is an initiative of the Institute for Women of the Ministry of Equality to promote the exchange of good practices and experiences in the field of equal opportunities between women and men in the workplace. . Each year, it awards the distinctive “Equality in the company” or DIE, a mark of excellence which rewards companies and other entities which distinguish themselves in the development of policies of equality between women and men in the place. work, through the implementation of concrete equality action plans.

Commitment to equality

As part of its strategic framework, Henkel commits to the transition to a new culture of collaboration and empowerment, which enables it to train its entire team in its future skills and to help its staff to grow and develop. In this area, the company has been working for some time to demonstrate its commitment to equal opportunities, by promoting specific policies such as hiring or promotion, which establish that at least 50% of coverage of new positions of responsibility are occupied by women. , and that one in three internal promotions to senior positions is a woman.

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