Here is Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the winner of the Madrid elections

Publication: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 12:54 AM

Madrid already knows the winner of these regional elections: Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The number 1 of the PP of Madrid and current president of the Community has managed to get up with victory in one of the most atypical elections, marked by restrictions and sanitary measures.

Ayuso managed to agglutinate around 45% of the votes of the inhabitants of Madrid and Madrid, securing 65 seats in the Madrid Assembly and doubling the number of the last elections. With that, he remains 4 seats away from the absolute majority and will only need Vox’s abstention to rule.

Who is Isabel Díaz Ayuso?

Isabel Díaz Ayuso graduated in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and then did a Master in Political Communication and Protocol and Business Communication at the same university. In 2005, he joined the People’s Party and, a year later, was part of its press service, as well as of several companies, foundations, radio stations and the digital press.

Since 2019, she has been president of the Community of Madrid and spokesperson for the PP within it since 2018. Likewise, she was vice-minister of the presidency and justice of the community of Madrid and deputy to the assembly in 2011. In addition, she led the popular online space and was in charge of Cristina Cifuentes’ digital campaign in the 2015 elections.

Although she was not the winner in the 2019 regional elections, she was sworn in as president thanks to the support of Ciudadanos, with whom she ruled in coalition, and Vox. She is currently Secretary of Communication of the PP National after the celebration of the XIXth National Congress.

2019: results of the elections to the Community of Madrid

On May 26, 2019, the previous elections to the Community of Madrid took place, coinciding with the elections to the European Parliament, local and regional elections in 11 other Spanish communities.

Angel Gabilondo’s PSOE managed to be the most voted party in Madrid, with 27% of the vote and 37 seats. The second political force was the Popular Party, led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, with 22% of the total vote and 30 seats. Ciudadanos, with Ignacio Aguado at the helm, was in third, adding 19% of the total under scrutiny and 26 seats. Behind, Más Madrid, with Íñigo Errejón, who obtained 14% of the votes and 20 seats. The fifth and sixth political force was for Vox (8% of the vote and 12 seats), led by Rocío Monasterio, and Unidos Podemos Izquierda Unida Madrid en Pie (5% of the vote and 7 seats) with Isabel Serra in the lead.

Despite the victory of Angel Gabilondo, the Socialists failed to muster enough support to lead the Community. However, the leader of the Popular Party won the support of Ciudadanos and Vox during the nomination, thus surpassing the absolute majority. Thus, Isabel Díaz Ayuso was able to become president of the Community thanks to the support of the two right-wing parties with which she added 68 votes, one above the absolute majority, against 64 votes for the left-wing parties.

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