Here you can download the mobility certificate to move between the communities on this holiday

Publication: Thursday, December 31, 2020 10:32

The coronavirus pandemic has put this year’s Christmas holidays in the spotlight. Limiting meetings, changing restrictions and curfews have driven the health security measures these days. In this way, since before Christmas Eve, all the autonomous communities have been advocated for the closure of the perimeter, which will continue, at least, until the end of the festivities.

Even so, although entry and exit are only allowed to visit relatives or friends (but not in all autonomous communities, as is the case in the Valencian Community), some regions have allowed a series of documents to justify inter-territorial movements. This is the case for Catalonia, Navarre, Madrid or the Basque Country: consult and download these authorizations here.


In the Community of Madrid, travel is only allowed to visit relatives and friends. This will be the case until January 6, although since December 23, the region has activated its responsible declaration model, which you can acquire in the following PDF document:


In Catalonia, the whole community is closed perimeter, but also until January 6, in addition to justified movements, entries and exits from the territory are authorized to go to and return to the usual place of residence of parents or relatives. Likewise, the entry and exit of persons from each region is limited, with the exception of the aforementioned case; that is to say the places of usual residence.


In the Autonomous Community of Navarre, unjustified travel is prohibited. However, from this Wednesday until next Saturday, January 2, entering and leaving the region is allowed to visit relatives and friends. For this, it is necessary to complete and print this responsible declaration:

La Rioja

La Rioja also made a responsible statement regarding the closure of the perimeter. In it, you must fill in the contact details of the displaced person, but also of the family member or close friend who is visited:


In the Basque Country, perimeter confinement is only lifted for this Thursday, December 31 and for New Year’s Day. Download the mobility receipt for this region in the following document:


The restrictions in Aragon coincide with those in Euskadi, although they prolong one more day the possibility of entering and leaving autonomy. Thus, from this Thursday, December 31 and until next Saturday, January 2, travel will be authorized subject to the presentation of the following supporting documents:

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