Here’s how this period affects SMEs

From managerial chaos to increased productivity: how this period affects SMEs

Summer is fast approaching and the good weather and high temperatures remind most workers of the proximity of vacations. In this sense and according to the latest studies, the heat produced by the rise in temperatures and the fatigue it causes reduce productivity by up to 20%. Something that can have an impact on Spanish SMEs, not only in terms of income but also in terms of management.

In recent years, most SMEs have tried to stay active in the summer by establishing shifts among their workers to avoid having to shut down and provide continuous service to customers. “However, many suffer from paralysis at this time of the year due to not having a good organization, which means that in some cases those who work cannot solve certain problems and the management deadlines are extended until manager’s feedback This turns the company into chaos, makes workers feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and leaves many customers dissatisfied, “says Mara Guzmn of Efficy’s marketing department.

Technology helps solve these summer problems. A CRM allows you to record all the conversations you have had with a client (emails, calls, meetings, etc.), or private notes and activities carried out or pending. All information is stored chronologically and can be accessed with a single click on this client’s file. So that, on vacation, any colleague can access the information and replace the responsible person.

“With a CRM, the team can coordinate and continue to manage the work of others without having to look at work reports which in many cases consist of Word documents, emails and notes from a team. meeting of which they all gave us the details. of each customer “, explains Mara Guzmn, who points out that in the case of using a tool like this when returning from vacation”, each worker can give his opinion at the same time on what he thinks to be right , as well as on what it can be better “.

Using such a tool saves a few days, which a worker uses to prepare everything to pass it on to the partner and facilitate the exchange of tasks. In addition, a CRM can increase the productivity of companies by 50%, since it organizes day-to-day management, at the same time that anyone in the company can take over the activity of another when goes on vacation or leave. produces sick leave.

The truth is, we waste a lot of time every day searching for or responding to emails with customer information and asking for information from others. If we add to this that part of the team is on vacation, the research is even more tedious and we often do not have access to the colleague’s email with the information we need. In addition, clarifications have taken place during calls and are rarely reflected anywhere.

“A CRM stores all this information and facilitates access to the whole team. This tool optimizes internal processes and increases analysis and management capacity. Thanks to CRM, nothing is left out since the organization of the team and tasks is more exhaustive and they do not allow “black holes”, ”they say from Efficy.

Since the arrival of the pandemic, SMEs have become aware of the importance of internal organization and are currently investing and betting on any progress that can help them in their management both internally and with customers.

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