Here’s how Windows 10X works on a Surface Pro 7 (video)

Approaches. It misses less. Microsoft’s new operating system, which will have the heavy task of competing with Google’s Chromebooks, is about to emerge. Windows 10X is a reality and will initially be released as inexpensive devices for businesses and educational institutions. That’s all we know about Windows 10X to date.

Yesterday we shared with you a series of images in which we showed how several developers in the Windows community had successfully installed Windows 10X on devices such as a Lumia 950 XL, Surface Go and even on a computer using the new Apple M1 chip.

In what state will Windows 10X go on sale?

Today, thanks to user developer ADeltax Internal, a video of Windows 10X running on a Surface Pro 7 has reached our hands.

In the video we can see lights and shadows. While the operating system looks great for a first release and the animations look pretty, everything doesn’t seem to work as it should. In particular, we observed a lot of stuttering when switching between applications from alt + tab.

This does not mean that the final version of the operating system will be released with these problems. Remember that we are faced with a very unconventional installation, in a device not designed for this operating system.

In addition, the version installed on this Surface Pro 7 is 20279 and, to our knowledge, we already have several figures in advance. In addition, until the release of the first Windows 10X device, Microsoft will continue to fix bugs and improve performance, which could still be 3 to 4 months away.

Remember that everything indicates that the OS is launched in the spring with a low profile for the business and education market. It is only from 2022 that it will spread its wings to reach other markets. Windows 10X is expected to come out mature enough to deliver robust and reliable performance, with a year ahead of time to polish the details and receive the design update from Sun Valley.

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