Here’s the news coming to OneDrive in November.

Like every month, we keep you informed of OneDrive news. The team has a schedule and tests month by month and offers new features in OneDrive. In this case, they have a clear connection to Teams.

New to OneDrive in November

Sharing files in Microsoft Teams

Teams has become our workplace. Ideal for teamwork and where people collaborate on files, communicate and optimize processes. With the goal of providing a consistent sharing experience in Microsoft 365 no matter where you share the file, whether through Office apps, Outlook, OneDrive or SharePoint.

The sharing experience is similar, and the features we already know from Teams are coming to OneDrive. Now, users will be able to set familiar access and sharing controls right in Teams. For this we will use the new option to share a link with a specific private or group chat. This means that only the people in this chat have access to the shared content. Shared links are intelligently mapped to the filename, and any sharing follows configured policies and management settings.

This new experience allows us to select the Windows folders that we want to sync with OneDrive. Moving our important folders to OneDrive allows us to have the power of the cloud in Windows’ most productive folders. This decision was incorporated into the first run experience to provide the best sync experience right from the initial connection.

Team call and meeting recordings stored in OneDrive and SharePoint

Recordings of team calls and meetings can now be stored in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint. This allows you to share recordings with guests or external users. In addition to faster access to meeting recordings and managing recordings with security and compliance controls. Team admins can select their storage location by updating policies using PowerShell.

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