Hero Espaa, committed to climate responsibility with ever more natural products

Hero Espaa, committed to climate responsibility with ever more natural products

Hero Espaa, a leading baby food company, has just presented its new 2020 sustainability report. In it, it commits with the rest of the Hero Group subsidiaries to be positive for the climate by 2030 Thus, the company wanted to go further in its commitment as a responsible company and drive change towards a more sustainable world over the next decade.

After a year marked by the pandemic, Javier Uruuela, Managing Director of Hero Europa Sur, indicates that “ the pandemic caused by Covid-19 on a global level has significantly changed the way we perceive things as a society, among them, Durability . In the case of Hero Espaa, this made us aware that we must promote our commitments to contribute to the sustainable development of our society and future generations. ” Also add that ” we know that the food industry plays a key role on the way to a more sustainable society. That is why, in 2020, all of the Hero Group subsidiaries are committed to being climate positive by 2030, which means we will remove more greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere than we do. do not broadcast “from the field to the table.” To do this, we will not only have our own activity, but also those of our suppliers and our customers. ” This increase in its efforts in terms of sustainable development has resulted in three key pillars: sustainable supply, production net neutral in its factories and the design of naturally sustainable foods.

Naturally healthy foods

Hero Espaa is committed to betting on simple recipes, with few ingredients and the least processed in all its foods. Thus, by improving its portfolio, the company seeks to offer consumers healthier and more natural options, with which to contribute to the development of a global diet that is good for us and for the planet.

In view of its commitment to be Climate Positive in 2030, the company has established 13 commitments for the categories Baby Food, Snacks, Cereals and Jams and Marmalades, for which it will work hand in hand with the Hero Institute of Infant Nutrition. For example, in infant nutrition, Hero is committed to increasing meals based on proteins of plant origin, with organic ingredients, whole or complete, and without palm oil. Likewise, in snacks, the company is committed to increasing its use of whole grains and nuts, as well as developing a range of fruit products, among others. In the case of jams and preserves, Hero is committed to reducing sugars, or even eliminating highly processed sugars.

In the same vein, and to offer ever more natural and sustainable products, Hero launched in 2020, among other innovations, a new range of Organic Creams based on 100% plant and natural ingredients; expanded its line of Hero Solo sachets, made with 100% organic ingredients and in 70% plant-based packaging, and its line of organic children’s cereals; and has reformulated its entire line of Hero Baby, Hero Baby Nutrasense and Hero Baby Pedialac infant formulas to achieve a fat profile closer to breast milk, living up to its commitment to inspiration in nature. Key innovations to offer ever more natural products, and which have earned them various recognitions such as the Product of the Year Award 2020 or the NAOS Strategy Award for the best commercial initiative awarded by the State Agency for Food Safety and nutrition (AESAN) for the Hero Baby Infant Cereals range 0% added sugars or products.

Sustainable sourcing

Hero is committed to sourcing raw materials in a sustainable manner, working hand in hand with suppliers and farmers to ensure a positive impact on biodiversity. This will help the business conserve raw materials, reduce the use of agricultural products (such as fertilizers, chemicals, and water), and promote pollination. In this sense, Hero Espaa has a supplier assessment system through SEDEX, the world’s largest collaboration platform for sharing responsible sourcing data from supply chains. At the end of 2020, 70% of its suppliers met all the sustainability criteria set by SEDEX.

Additionally, Hero maintains a strong commitment to using national and local suppliers, which account for nearly 70% of the total. Over the next three years, the company expects to have increased that figure to 75%. Likewise, they have increased the total consumption of raw materials of ecological origin by 39% over the past three years. And, since the 2017 launch of the eco-friendly children’s product line ONLY, the weight of these products in the Hero portfolio has increased with innovation in new flavors and formats.

Neutral net production

One of the pillars of sustainability established by Hero Espaa is the conservation of natural resources in all of its products. For this reason, all the actions carried out by the company aim to preserve and not harm biodiversity, through: saving energy; initiatives to achieve 100% recyclable packaging and packaging; waste reduction; and reduce water consumption.

In this sense, in 2020, Hero has developed various initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment and achieve its commitment to be climate-sustainable by 2030. Among others, the reduction of electricity consumption by 80,000 Kwh, that is 100% of the energy. the electricity consumed is of renewable origin. In addition, water consumption has been reduced by 3,680 m3. In 2020, Hero began marketing sachets with more than 70% packaging made from plant material, including sugar cane. This represents a very important environmental improvement by ceasing to depend on plastic petroleum derivatives for their manufacture, with the consequent reduction of the environmental impact produced by their manufacture.

Response to the pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, Hero Espaa has carried out intense social work in order to help the most vulnerable groups both in the region of Murcia, where its headquarters are located, and at the national level: last year, the he company has donated more than 100 tonnes of food to entities with which it already collaborates normally, such as FESBAL, the Red Cross or Critas. At the same time, Hero collaborated with different entities very involved in the management and response to the pandemic, such as Hospital 12 de Octubre, Médecins du monde, Messengers de la Paix, and Children’s Villages.

Likewise, the company is committed to the protection and safety of its workers, betting on teleworking and establishing all the necessary measures for workers who have continued to go to their work even in the most critical moments. health emergencies, in order to be able to meet the basic food needs of the Spanish population. An effort and a commitment that Hero Espaa wanted to thank with an extraordinary reward of up to 600 euros.

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