Hidden camera reveals German doctor issues fake PCR certificates to tourists in Mallorca

Publication: Monday, April 5, 2021 11:04

National police are investigating whether a German doctor issued fake PCR certificates to tourists in Mallorca, after a report by German television station RTL warned of the illegal practice.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the national police are working to clarify the veracity of this information, broadcast last Saturday on German television. Concretely, in the video of the channel, the journalist Sascha Wintel talks with some tourists, who explain to him how the German doctor would have offered to issue them with false PCR certificates for around 80 euros.

Wintel goes to the doctor’s office, who is not identified in the hidden camera, to obtain a false PCR certificate. When the reporter asks the doctor for an explanation of what he claims to be doing, he avoids making any kind of comment.

The national police will investigate the German doctor for allegedly committing crimes against public health and falsifying documents.

It should be remembered that the German government has determined that from March 30 German passengers will be required to present a negative coronavirus test before boarding and, therefore, before walking on German soil.

German tourists who test positive in the PCR before returning to Germany may be isolated in hotels with rooms reserved for COVID-19 isolation or in establishments that the Balearic government has organized for this.

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