Hindu in Indonesia: Hindu in Indonesia: who are these Hindu tribes who worship Lord Ganesha on the volcano in Indonesia? – who are Indonesian Hindu Tenggerese devotees climb Mount Bromo during the yadnya kasada ritual

The secular Yadnaya Kasada religious ceremony was held on Saturday in Indonesia, the second largest Muslim country in the world. The people of the Hindu tribe Tengar living in Indonesia took part in this festival. During this time, these tribes put grains, vegetables, animals and other food products in the crater of the volcano of Mount Bromo located in Probolinggo, in East Java, to celebrate the deities. Every year, a large number of members of the Tengar tribe gather on Mount Bromo to participate in this festival. These tribes consider themselves Hindus and worship Lord Ganesha. Not only that, these people also try to catch the offerings poured into the crater of the volcano through large nets. It is believed that by worshiping Ganesha located here and offering fruits and vegetables to the volcano, it does not explode and they stay safe. The Bromo volcano is considered one of the holiest places. If he bursts, people believe their god is very angry.

The total population of the Tengar tribe is over 1 lakh.

About one lakh of this tribe lives in about thirty villages around Mount Bromo. These people consider themselves to be Hindus. The inhabitants of the Tengar tribe claim to be the descendants of the Majapahit princes. The Majapahit Empire was the last Indian dynasty to rule in Indonesia. From the 13th to the 16th century, this dynasty ruled in East Java, Indonesia. In Indonesia, they are traditionally considered to be the descendants of the mythical Roro Enteng and Joko Segar. These people speak the oldest Majapahit dialect in Java. This dialect is also known as Tangier Javanese. Even today, these people spend most of their lives on forests, animals and birds, and only fruits and vegetables.

These people worship Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Ganesh ji

The Tengar tribe has a large number of people following the Hindu religion. Apart from that, they also follow Buddhism and other local religions. Like the Balinese people, they also worship Ida Song Hyang Widi Vasa (Almighty God) apart from Hindu and Buddhist deities. These include the trinity Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Buddha. The main religious places of this tribe include Punden, Poten and Danyang. Poten is a sacred area located near Mount Bromo. This is where the annual Cassada festival is held every year. People are also building separate temporary residences in Poden. In which they stay a few days and worship and worship.

Worship is done to appease the souls of ancestors

They worship their ancestors across Mount Bromo. It includes the souls who founded the villages, the souls who guard the villages and the souls of their ancestors. Rituals are performed by special priests to appease these spirits. During these rites, small doll-like figurines representing spirits are dressed and are offered food and drink. It is believed that the spirits are part of the essence of these offerings. To drive away evil spirits, these people offer meat. Bananas, usually meat and rice, are wrapped in leaves and placed in places such as cemeteries, bridges, roads or squares.

Conversion of the Tengar tribe to Islam

Over the past decades, the exploitation of the people of the Tengar tribe has increased. Due to the increasing infiltration of people of other faiths into their area, the demographics are changing rapidly. Foreigners are increasingly consuming the natural reserves of this tribe such as forests and water. For this reason, the conversion of about 10,000 members of the Tengar tribe to Islam was also carried out. Due to Islamic missionary activity, the people of the Tengar tribe here also received help from the Balinese Hindus to save their culture and religion. The Indonesian government has declared the Tengar Mountains as Bromo-Tenger-Semeru National Park and has prohibited foreigners from settling in these areas.

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