Hindus forcibly converted to Islam in Sindh Imran Khan Naya Pakistan: 60 Hindus forcibly converted to Islam in Imran Khan’s “Naya Pakistan”

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Even under the reign of Imran Khan, the process of forced conversion from Hindus to Muslims does not seem to stop.
The atrocities against the Hindus and their forcible conversion into Muslims do not seem to stop even under Prime Minister Imran Khan, who came to power on the promise of creating a “Naya Pakistan”. At least 60 Hindus have been forced to convert to Islam in the Malti region of Sindh province in Pakistan. Not only that, these Hindus were forced to read Kalma before the chairman of the Municipal Corporation.

The number of Hindus in the total population of Pakistan is around 2% or 45 lakhs. Most of these people live in Sindh province. In the viral video of this shameful incident, we see that the president of the Municipal Corporation Abdul Rauf Nijmani is said to have cooperated in the mass conversion. He wrote in his Facebook post: “Alhamdullah today 60 people have become Muslims under my supervision. Pray for them. ‘

“This is the first namaz of the Hindus”
Nizami himself shared this viral video. We see in this that a Maulvi makes the Hindus read the Kalma and ensures that their conversion takes place completely. In another video, the cleric claims that this is the first namaz of the Hindus. He said, ‘The only purpose of a Muslim in life is to please Allah.’

The Maulvi said that by doing this the purpose of life would be fulfilled. This is not the first time that Hindus in Pakistan have converted. Earlier in March, a 13-year-old Hindu girl, Kavita, was kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. This conversion was carried out by Mian Mittu, who carried out a large number of conversions in Sindh. Mian Mithu himself has the support of Imran Khan. Pakistan People’s Party vice chairman Sukhdev Hemnani said he was obtaining information about the incident from local authorities.

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