HipoGes celebrates its 2 years since the launch of its HipoCare wellness plan, promoted by HR

HipoGes celebrates its 2 years since the launch of its HipoCare wellness plan, promoted by HR

HipoGes, a leading provider in the asset management sector, begins the year with the second anniversary of its wellness plan, called HipoCare, which is part of its mission to improve the lifestyles of the most of 750 people who make up its staff. in Spain, Portugal and Greece.

In addition to social benefits, flexibility of remuneration, the implementation of measures promoting flexibility and work-life balance, the company felt it had to go further by incorporating a plan that would help make HipoGes a better place to work. With this plan, HipoGes received the award in the Large Company category at the last edition of the Mutua Universal Health and Innovation Awards. Additionally, it has helped him achieve the Happy Index AtWork certification – through Choose My Company – which accredits businesses with a happy and motivated workforce.

Within this project, the actions of the plan focus on 3 axes: HipoHealth (well-being), HipoFresh (nutrition) and EcoGes (environment):

HipoHealth: based on the implementation of regular physical activity programs and the fight against sedentary lifestyle with measures such as workshops, free disease prevention exams, sports challenges or a virtual gym during childbirth . HipoFresh: based on raising awareness of the benefits of a healthy diet through actions such as nutritional workshops or the provision of fruit twice a week at the office to encourage its consumption (in the wake of the pandemic, to avoid food handling and therefore contagion, this initiative has been replaced by the offer of a healthy individual breakfast per month). EcoGes: based on the implementation of an environmental management system allowing efficient control of resources. Actions that will resume when the current situation changes, such as participating in environmental activities. Also, actions focused on everyday life in the office such as the use of ecological merchandising or the establishment of recycling points in the office

The well-being of the people who make up HipoGes has always been a priority for Human Resources, but after the situation caused by COVID19, it has become a priority for the company, and it is clear that continuity and improving programs like HipoCare is helping the workforce. be healthier and more productive. In the words of Marta Raboso, director of human resources for the company, “we consider that among the HipoGes collective, due to its demographic characteristics and the type of work we do, the initiatives that work best are those linked the promotion of sports activities. , and those aimed at effective stress management and improving productivity ”.

In 2021, due to the situation experienced in recent months, HipoGes wishes to highlight awareness of the importance of ensuring emotional well-being. “We will develop a process that will allow us to measure the psychological capital of our employees through four factors: optimism, resilience, perseverance and confidence. The level of development of these factors has a positive relationship with performance, satisfaction and engagement, and negative with deteriorating mental health and absenteeism. After the measurement, we will start training actions that will allow the development of these skills ”, explains Marta Raboso.

The HipoCare project will continue to develop over the following years, along the following lines: Introduction of innovations: workshops for the promotion of psychological health and the promotion of new physical activities. Identifying that emotional exhaustion is responsible for part of the annual turnover, lead workshops to fight against burnout. Raise awareness of the importance of “Digital Dtox”, to learn to disconnect. Continue to bet with the company for work-life balance, to better manage the balance and co-responsibility, as well as train our employees to achieve a correct work-life balance.

This plan also aims at continuous improvement thanks to feedback from staff, which is why HipoGes provides confidential surveys to its employees in order to measure the results of the actions implemented. However, looking ahead to 2021, Marta Raboso adds: “despite the fact that at HipoGes we are aware that our commitment to have a powerful well-being plan is not an expense, but an investment, the difficulty of transferring the shares from the plan and its results, to quantifiable indicators, prevent a concrete estimate of the positive return obtained; therefore on the human resources side, another challenge is to quantify the return on investment of HipoCare ”.

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