Hiring of domestic workers at the outset

Thanks to this selection system, initiated by CasaLista in 2005, CasaLista clients can hire excellent Filipino or Peruvian domestic workers for the minimum interprofessional salary during the first years of their contract.

Due to the high demand for this service, last November CasaLista ran out of candidates available for source selection, but now they are happy to announce that CasaLista has new candidates available, shortlisted for its clients.

The original selection of domestic workers, Filipino or Peruvian, is also a solution for families having difficulties in hiring local employees internally due to circumstances that sometimes frighten them such as: living with animals, very large housing and / or far from the city center or large families.

In addition to making it possible to hire an intern in places where it is impossible to try to hire local staff, the selection of the original servants generates more stable working relationships, with less turnover, compared to selection among local candidates.

The candidates selected by the agency for domestic workers, CasaLista, are from Peru and the Philippines, two countries with which Spain has bilateral employment agreements.

Domestic workers in Peru are between 35 and 50 years old, have at least 5 years of experience as domestic workers, usually in Peru or Chile.

Domestic workers in the Philippines are generally younger, between 23 and 35 years old, with secondary education or vocational training, some of them have experience as a housekeeper or babysitter in the Philippines, Singapore or Hong Kong.

Many of CasaLista’s customers choose Filipino employees, for the English language, because all Filipinos speak English, the co-official language in the Philippines, and thus accustom children to the use of English in everyday life.

Contractual procedures and conditions

The hiring and authorization procedure carried out by the CasaLista domestic service agency of the Peruvian domestic worker lasts approximately 10 weeks in Madrid, from the application for the permit until its incorporation to work at the client’s home. This period is generally shorter in the provinces. In Galicia, Asturias and Santander, for example, the conditions for granting residence and work permits last about half of those in Madrid.

The processing of Filipino domestic workers is longer, due to the appointment delays to obtain the visa at the Spanish consulate in Manila. In total, this is usually around 16 weeks of treatment.

For the issuance of the work permit of the Filipino or Peruvian domestic worker, the client must pay the government delegation an administrative fee of 220 €.

CasaLista is responsible for providing interested parties with all the documentation necessary for the procedures and assisting them throughout the administrative procedure.

Planning: When will the housekeeper join?

CasaListale’s domestic agency confirms the date the Filipino or Peruvian housekeeper arrives in Spain, approximately 15 days before their incorporation.

In all cases, CasaLista picks up the worker at the airport and, if necessary, provides her with accommodation, the assistant until the moment of her incorporation into work.

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