His son is the Prime Minister of the most developed country in the world, and … Father applied for citizenship of another country – Boris Johnson Father Stanley Johnson applies for French citizenship

The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson applied for French nationality. The decision of Prime Minister Johnson’s father shortly after the Brexit deal was finalized is seen as opposition to the UK decision. Let me tell you that on Wednesday the UK Parliament approved the Brexit trade deal with the European Union. This was followed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II.

PM Johnson’s father said: I’ll always be European
Boris Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson said on Thursday he was in the process of regaining his French identity. He said it was not about becoming a French citizen. If I understand correctly, I am French. My mother was born in France. His mother was entirely French, whose grandfather was also French. The question for me so far is to find what I am. Stanley Johnson said I will always be European. It is certain. You can’t call me British.

Prime Minister Johnson’s father was a member of the European Parliament
Boris Johnson’s father is 80 years old and was once a member of the European Parliament. He supported Britain’s stay in the European Union in the 2016 referendum. British citizens will lose the right to live and work in 27 European Union countries after the UK breaks up its economic ties with the European Union on Thursday at 11 p.m. However, those with dual nationality will continue to have this right.

What is the break
Brexit ie United Kingdom + Exit. Brexit simply means the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. Britain had announced its exit from the European Union a year earlier. In 2016, there was a referendum in Britain to withdraw from the European Union. In which a large number of people supported Brexit. This led to the resignation of then government David Cameron. During the tenure of former Prime Minister Theresa May, there were several discussions on the Brexit trade deal, but the deal could not be concluded. After which, during Boris Johnson’s tenure, there is finally agreement with the European Union.

How the European Union became
All the countries participating in the war ending World War II had to suffer losses. Five years after the end of this war, France and Germany concluded a treaty declaring that the two countries would no longer wage war on each other. As part of this program, six countries signed an agreement in 1950. Seven years later, a treaty was made in Rome. After that, the European Economic Community (CEC) was formed. This European Economic Community is known today as the European Union. At the start of 1973, three new countries joined. One of those countries was Great Britain. Currently, the EU has 27 members and their total population is around 500 million.

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