Historic ETA co-founder Julen Madariaga dies at 88

Publication: Tuesday April 6, 2021 10:41 AM

ETA’s historic co-founder Julen Madariaga died on Tuesday at the age of 88 after a long illness. He was also a member of Herri Batasuna and his defense of political avenues and negotiations led him to join Aralar, led by Patxi Zabaleta.

Madariaga, lawyer and doctor from Cambridge, founded ETA in 1959, together with Benito del Valle, Rafa Albisu and José Luis Álvarez Emparanza, “ Txillardegi ”, and over the years he has continued to defend the toughest theses of the group at the time. further attacks, a critical position of violence.

In this way, he was a prominent member of Herri Batasuna, but he evolved until he joined Aralar, who rejected armed struggle. The engagement in the presentation “Oldartzen”, on the “socialization of the suffering” of the nationalist left, which led in 1995 the ETA to kill the adviser and parliamentarian of the PP Gregorio Ordóñez, was the trigger of his departure from HB. Disenchanted with Batasuna, who did not condemn Ordóñez’s crime, he entered Aralar in 2001.

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