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We had already indicated that Microsoft Teams was going to have a new story. The Teams development team doesn’t stop and we can now access the aforementioned history to get access to everything we’ve been involved with. We’ll walk you through how Microsoft Teams history works.

Here’s how the new Microsoft Teams story works

The purpose of this new history is to significantly improve navigation in Teams. This way it is much faster and smoother to move around the app. The new history is already there in the desktop version of Microsoft Teams and will come to other apps later.

At the top left, we have navigation buttons in Teams. These allow us to walk through the different actions that we have performed in Microsoft Teams. This is very useful, but it is also limited. Before this update, users had to click multiple times to return to the specific file or location, but that should now change.

Faced with the problems indicated, the solution lies in the new navigation experience. Which aims to solve this problem by simplifying the navigation process, it makes it easier for users to navigate to the area they want. Thanks to this update, we will be able to quickly navigate to recently visited places with a mouse or keyboard.

To use this feature in the desktop app, users need to hover over the navigation options to view the history menu. Showing all of the above locations, including tabs, docs, and possibly other content in Microsoft Teams. We just have to click on one of them to get back to the workflow.

If you like keyboard shortcuts, you also have an alternative, being able to access them by using the combination “CTRL + SHIFT + H.” as stated by João Ferreira, Microsoft MVP, demonstrates the function in a blog post.

Although this is a minor update, it should particularly improve the user experience for people who often need to open multiple documents. The company also plans to improve the app’s search function by adding a new “Top Hits” section in March. List of the most relevant search results at the top of results in Microsoft Teams.

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