history of aliens on earth: do aliens come to earth? Israeli scientist’s statement reiterated those mysterious stories again – are aliens coming to Earth, former Israeli space chief says

Speculation about the existence of extraterrestrials has been heightened once again by the claim of Israeli scientist Ham Ished. Ished, called “the grandfather of the satellite program” of Israel, said that Elias lives on Earth and has established his base on Mars. Not only that, aliens have made deals with America and Israel and President Donald Trump is aware of that as well. Even before the Israeli scientist, there were numerous claims around the world about the arrival and life of UFOs and extraterrestrials on Earth. Let’s know some sensational stories related to aliens….

“ The aliens have formed a galactic federation with America ”

The first of the stories involving extraterrestrials was the claim of Ham Ished, the head of Israel’s former space security program. Ished claimed that extraterrestrials exist in the universe and have had contact with America and Israel. He also said that the outgoing President of the United States, Donald Trump, knew this very well. Ished said the presence of the aliens is still hidden because humanity is not yet ready for it. He said a “galactic federation” has been formed, which operates an underground base on Mars under a secret deal with the United States. American astronauts are also present on Mars. Trump was about to reveal the aliens but was arrested by the aliens. The alienists want to understand the “fabric of the universe” with the American agents. They claimed how the aliens helped prevent nuclear tragedy on Earth.

Aliens are under the Atlantic Ocean!

Another story related to extraterrestrials on earth has come to light in America itself. The US military was seen flying a mysterious cube-shaped object over the Atlantic Ocean that could move through air and water. Two leaked secret reports from the US Department of Defense on UFOs have revealed footage of this mysterious thing. In a leaked photo, this silvery-colored cube-shaped object was seen flying over the Atlantic Ocean. This UFO sighting incident is said to be in 2018 and this summer. These photographs were widely shared among US intelligence services. This entire report was prepared by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Working Group. The report says that this mysterious object came out of the sea and began to fly in the sky. It has also been said that the possibility of extortion of this object cannot be excluded.

Global claims of alien presence on Earth

Stanton Freedman was a nuclear scientist who died in May 2019. He investigated the famous Roswell UFO crash in the United States. He argued that aliens are among us. He said, there is a lot of evidence that aliens have visited earth and that they live with people. A shocking revelation was made by Russian politician Kirsan Ilyuzhinov. He said that on September 18, 1997, Alien came to visit him at his apartment. He was then kidnapped by Alien. This story is considered credible for two reasons. On the one hand, the driver, the minister and the assistant of Ilyuzhinov confirmed that he had mysteriously disappeared. Former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medavdev has repeatedly spoken of the foreign presence. Once, speaking to a report, it had come out of his mouth that the alien lives among humans and works with them.

“ Extraterrestrials live in Area 51, America under alien influence ”

Area 51 would be hidden from extraterrestrials by the US government. Little is known about its reality. But at first the US government denied the existence of Area 51, then later accepted it. Some say the flying saucer was tested there. Edward Snowden, who had been in the CIA, made some pretty sensational statements about America. Edward Snowdon allegedly stole confidential information while he was a CIA employee. He then claimed to have disclosed confidential information. Information leaked by Snowden indicates that the United States is receiving instructions from aliens named “Tall White.” According to Leake, this is the same species of Alien that claims to have empowered the Nazis before WWI. It is claimed that after WWI these aliens began to control America.

Pretend to see UFOs in these air bases in America

In addition to Area 51, extraterrestrials have reportedly been seen at several US Air Force bases. UFOs have been spotted on multiple occasions at New Mexico-based Holloman Air Force Base. In 1950, electronic engineer Cliff Booth claimed that he and another man photographed a cigar-shaped UFO. A report released by the US government admitted that guards spotted Alien in 1980 at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. At the same time, the radar was blocked by something unknown in this area for about six hours. 29 Palm (29 Palms) is a city in California. There have been numerous flights since the 1950s. In May 2019, insect-like UFOs were reportedly seen hovering over the city of 29 Palm. Major George Filer, a U.S. Air Force intelligence officer, has investigated aliens and UFOs for nearly six decades.

Did aliens live before humans on earth?

The theory never ends with other creatures in the world or aliens. Such a new theory was given by the famous alien hunter Scott Warring recently. War claims to have found a UFO and an alien base in the ice of Antarctica. Warring said so after studying digital maps. War is well known for its views on issues related to aliens and UFOs. Warring said in a blog that he found a TR3-B craft while studying Lavoisier Island using the Google Earth feature. According to him, this handcrafted triangle is raised in the middle and thicker than the edges. It is made of metal and is present in an area that appears to be an age-old alien base. They claimed the craft appeared after the snow had melted. Also, on this basis, he also gave the theory that before the human race on earth, extraterrestrials lived. The war has already claimed the lives of Mars and an underwater alien base in Mexico.

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