History of Language Movement in Bangladesh: History of Language Movement in Bangladesh is Recorded in Pakistan Intelligence Service Reports: Sheikh Hasina – Sheikh Hasina Says Language Movement History is Recorded in Pakistan Intelligence Service Reports

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said anyone can easily find out the true history of the country’s language movement by reading Pakistani intelligence branch reports from 1948 to 1971. On Sunday Hasina said: “We we remember the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Bengali language on February 21, 1952 and celebrate it as the day of the martyr ”.

Sheikh Hasina said the country gained independence through the language movement and was led by the nation’s father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Even when he launched this movement, scholars and intellectuals opposed it. The prime minister also said that many people criticized him for saying that the language movement was started by Bangabandhu on the basis of the Pakistani intelligence branch report.

Describing the importance of teaching in the mother tongue, Hasina said, “Language is very important to any nation, but unfortunately many languages ​​are slowly disappearing. There is a great need to preserve, use and develop the diversity of these languages ​​in the world. The Prime Minister launched the 4-day program on Martyr’s Day and International Mother Language Day virtually from his official residence, Gono Bhavan. The event was organized at the International Mother Language Institute (IMLI). On this occasion, Hasina also spoke about the various programs for the promotion of the mother tongue by her government.

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