Hitler toilet seat auctioned off: German dictator Adolf Hitler’s personal toilet seat auction, know how much money was received – Hitler toilet seat auctioned for £ 14,000 after being looted by US soldiers

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German dictator Adolf Hitler’s private bath towel up for auction
Bloody German dictator Adolf Hitler’s private toilet seat has been auctioned. In an auction, a buyer donated Rs 13.65,440 for this toilet seat. This towel was looted by an American soldier. Apart from this, many other items of Hitler and his wife Eva Brown were also auctioned. This wooden towel was installed in Hitler’s private bathroom in Berghof.

It was looted by American soldier Reganwald C. Borch during the retirement of dictator Hitler in World War II. Reganwald’s son has now auctioned it off. Reganwald was among the first American soldiers present there because they knew both German and French. He worked as a liaison officer in the 2nd Armored Division of France.

The products of Ewa, Hitler’s wife, also auctioned
Senior army officers told Reganwald he could take anything he wanted from Berghof who had been badly damaged in heavy gunfire during the war. ReganWald had come to New Jersey in the United States with this toilet seat. He exhibited it in the basement of his house. The wares of Eva, Hitler’s wife, were also auctioned off, according to the Sun report.

It also includes Eva’s key panties. 1300 pounds gained for this nickel. His shaving mug with Hitler’s photo is also up for auction. For this, 15,600 books were received. In addition, the Hitler hairbrush and 4 rare Hitler hairs were also auctioned. These bristles were removed from the hairbrush and gained 1,650 pounds for them.

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