Hitler’s Secret Sex Life: Hitler liked women who urinated during sex. Relationship with the Niece: Documentary – Adolf Hitler liked women who peed to him during sex and was incestuous with his niece

A documentary has been claimed on the sex life of Adolf Hitler, the ruler of Germany, one of the world’s most brutal dictators. He states that Hitler was very fond of women urinating on him during sex. Not only that, he had a close relationship with his own niece. It also states that Hitler was addicted to pornography.

The Hitler Secret Sex Life documentary claimed that this Nazi dictator liked women who engaged in obscene acts with him. Not only that, Hitler had a close relationship with his niece, Gelli Raubal. Hitler and his niece are believed to have been in a relationship for about 6 years. Otto Straser, a former ally of Hitler, also claimed that the German dictator liked women who spoke out against him.

At the time of the murder, Gelli’s age was only 23
Otto claimed that Hitler forced his niece, Geely, to do the same. Gelli was found dead in Hitler’s Munich apartment in 1931. Gelli was shot in the chest. At the time of the murder, Geely was only 23 years old. He said Hitler used to ask his niece to do disgusting things. Australian historian Professor Robert Kaplan said the obscene acts were favorable to Hitler’s personality.

Actress Renata Müller also revealed that Hitler used to demand obscene acts. Renata was killed while sexually assaulting Hitler. Let’s say Hitler claimed he stayed away from sex and opposed prostitution. According to the documentary, the reality was that he used to invite sex workers to his private show and was addicted to porn.

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