HMS Queen Elizabeth: Tension increases from China, Britain will send action to Asia, aircraft carrier destroyer “ Queen Elizabeth ” – UK to deploy British warship HMS Queen Elizabeth to Asia in 2021 to increase the pressure on China

Britain is now in action mode to teach an aggressive China a lesson on many issues, including Hong Kong. Next year, the British Navy plans to deploy its largest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, as a full fleet to China in Asia. The aircraft carrier will conduct large-scale maneuvers with US and Japanese forces in the region amid continuing tensions in the South China Sea.

These warheads are deployed on aircraft carriers
This Styker group includes two squadrons of F-35B Lightning fighters, stealth fighters, two Type 45 class destroyers, two Type 23 Figrates, two tankers and a fleet of helicopters. It is believed that his maneuvers close to China could worsen tensions between the two countries. At the same time, there is a debate that Australia and Canada can also be invited to this exercise. China’s relations with these two countries are also at a lower level.

What British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in an online speech that next year HMS Queen Elizabeth will visit the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean and East Asia for our most ambitious deployment in two decades . He said this aircraft carrier would also provide the necessary support to British and coalition forces during this period.

Official confirmation of the first deployment
British officials had been alluding to the deployment of Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers to Asia for several months. But this is the first time Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself has commented on the matter. It is believed that the British decision is to send a clear signal to China. In recent times, there has been a lot of verbal warfare in China and Britain over Hong Kong.

That’s why Britain plans to deploy in Asia
British newspaper The Times reported in July that the British military had made plans to base Queen Elizabeth in the Far East. With the help of this aircraft carrier, the military is also working on a plan to carry out its mission in other countries. This aircraft can participate in joint exercises with the United States and the Japanese military during its mission.

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