Holidays in September? These are the favorite destinations for Spaniards to disconnect from the work environment

Holidays in September? These are the favorite destinations for Spaniards to disconnect from the work environment

Finding an original and peaceful destination is one of the biggest goals for travelers this summer. Fortunately, Spain has places, in and out of the water, literally, where disconnection and new experiences are more than guaranteed. We are talking about its islands, these small enclaves in the middle of the ideal waters to relax. But not only that. They are also places where we can meet our history, our origins and learn more about our ancestors.

So that you don’t get lost in your search, reveals some of the natural destinations that are successful this season and why they are so fascinating for vacationers. If you still don’t have a plan, take note of these last-minute travel recommendations and include them in the agenda for your next getaway:

The island of Tabarca and its history of pirates

This island of coves and transparent beaches, sheltered in the past by Berber pirates, and surrounded by walls declared of Cultural Interest and Historic-Artistic Site, is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, more precisely in the Valencian Community. It’s only a 40-minute boat ride from Alicante, which is also a must stop, especially Santa Bárbara Castle, as it offers the best panoramic views of the city. The journey can also be made from other towns on the Costa Blanca, such as Santa Pola or Benidorm. All of them form a chain of paradise that you will never tire of visiting. Indeed, this year the Costa Blanca is back in fashion, with an increase in bookings of 14% compared to 2020.

Home of sea lions: Isla de Lobos

Between the islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, just 15 minutes by boat from the latter, is the Isla de Lobos, once inhabited by sea lions. They can depart from the ferry, water taxis or through organized tours. From Lanzarote they depart from Corralejo, one of those enclaves that are not so popular, but which are a jewel of nature, with paradisiacal white sand beaches and turquoise water. You can also depart from Playa Blanca, the third tourist enclave in the region. If you are leaving from Fuerteventura, you have the opportunity to discover a unique destination, which this year has seen its reserves increase by 69% compared to last year. As a curiosity: you can only spend four hours on the island, but it is enough time to make a complete tour or to know the two authorized beaches: Puertito de Lobos and Playa de la Concha.

Cabrera, the uninhabited archipelago

Just 10 kilometers from the south coast of Mallorca is an uninhabited archipelago of 19 islets, which served as a prison in the 19th century. The main attraction of Cabrera National Park is its abundant flora and fauna, unique in the world that can be seen both outdoors and in the water. You have to snorkel yes or yes! To reach this corner of paradise, all you need to do is take a boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi, which has the most beautiful beaches and quietest coves in Mallorca, as well as a very welcoming urban environment. Mallorca is establishing itself this year as the preferred destination for Spaniards with a 108% increase in bookings compared to last year. If you haven’t visited, this is your chance. Don’t forget to eat a good piece of ensaimada.

Ons Island: the great little-known treasure of history

Esta isla, located at the entrada de la Ría de Pontevedra, es la gran desconocida del Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas de Galicia, sin embargo, merece una mención aparte porque es el lugar perfecto para desconectar, ya que no hay ruido ni iluminación por the nights. Once inhabited by pirates, today you can find Roman remains, medieval kings, pirates and Goths, among others. There are only two ways to visit the island: by private boat or with a shipping company from the flagship towns of Galicia: Sanxenxo, the coastal area with the most blue flags in all of Spain; Portonovo, a coastal town where tranquility reigns; Bueu, the place where the Pontevedra estuary begins; and Vigo, the largest city in Galicia. You see, there is no excuse not to visit it.

The Cíes Islands, the “Galician Caribbean” next to us

In the lower part of the Galician Rías we find the Cíes Islands (Monteagudo, do Fato and San Martín) which belong to the Pontevedra archipelago and are part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. A Galician Caribbean that you have to visit at least once in your life. Access to the Cíes is by sea. It is only forty minutes from Vigo, the Olívica city; although it is also accessible from Cangas, another small paradise which has 39 sandy areas and many viewpoints. You can take advantage of the trip to discover other ports of departure, such as Baiona or Sanxexo, which are really charming. And if you decide to go, you can’t miss Rodas Beach, internationally recognized as “the best beach in the world”.

Visit an unpaved island: La Graciosa

Just thirty minutes by boat from Lanzarote, and belonging to the Chinijo archipelago, is La Graciosa, a fishing town full of volcanic landscapes, unspoiled beaches and Europe’s largest marine reserve. To get there, there is a line of ferries that leave every half hour from the port of Órzola in Lanzarote, an island with an impressive concentration of beaches and outrageous viewpoints. Because it is not paved, and in order to preserve the nature reserve, our recommendation is to visit the island on foot or by bike, taking the opportunity to get lost and enjoy all its charm. Importantly, bookings at this destination have increased by 91% compared to last year.

For lovers of the unique: the island of Columbretes

This archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea, is located 49 kilometers from Oropesa del Mar, Valencia, and is made up of 4 islands: La Grossa, La Ferrera, La Foradada and Carallot. The trip departs from Castellón and takes around two and a half hours. Its main attraction is that it allows diving and nature lovers to discover a unique and rich ecosystem in which new species abound, mainly due to the isolation to which it is subjected and its volcanic state. You can take advantage of the trip to stroll through Valencia, a destination that combines the best of cities with nature, which has seen its reserves increase by 38% this year.

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