HoloLens 2 now works with Chromium-based Microsoft Edge

Hololens continue to improve, although it is not a consumer product, we are not as aware of its updates. In fact, during this year’s CES, we saw the first alternatives from manufacturers like Lenovo. Today we’re showing you the improvements Microsoft is working on as part of the Insider Program.

A new browser and countless new features are coming to Hololens 2

Microsoft recently released a new version of Insider Preview for HoloLens with several new features and improvements. With this new version, the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser is available for HoloLens 2 users. In this version, Microsoft has also released a new version of the Settings app that includes new features and extended settings for HoloLens 2 in the following areas: sound, power and standby, network and internet, applications, accounts, ease of access and more.

The Redmond giant has also included new writing features in HoloLens. Swiping to type is another feature that will improve the overall HoloLens experience. It may take some getting used to at first, but it can significantly improve usability.

Some customers find it faster to “type” on virtual keyboards by dragging the shape of the word they intend to type, and preview this feature for the holographic keyboard. It is now possible to slide one word at a time by sliding your finger on the holographic keyboard plane, dragging the shape of the word, and then removing your finger from the keyboard plane. Of course, it is possible to slide your finger to type different words without having to press the space bar by taking your finger off the keyboard between words.

You can also choose the default apps for each file type. In addition, the ability to work with external microphones through the USB-C port has been included. This is of great interest when offering technical support or remote assistance.

Hololens 2 reaffirmed Microsoft’s excellent work in this area and this year we hope to see the jump to a third version. It is said that it could come with a better processor and microLED displays for better picture definition.

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