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Most people work from home during the Corona period. In such a situation, the problem of acidity is around. Which can be removed with some home remedies.

The lockdown has forced people to work from home. They can’t go out for a walk or any other work. Sitting at home in such a condition makes them acidic. Which causes many kinds of problems. Acidity sometimes causes severe chest pain. So acidity needs to be removed. Today we will tell you the remedies to get rid of acidity.

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There is no focus on health due to work

Currently everyone is at home. In such a situation some people are doing office work sitting at home. So some people stay at home all day because the shops are closed. This has caused people to have problems with acidity due to sitting and eating. Because of this, you have to do something so that you don’t have any problems. Because at the moment you can’t pay attention to health because of work.

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Do this remedy to avoid acidity

You can’t leave home. So try walking home. Make a rule at home that it will last about half an hour. This will definitely not give you acidity. Along with this do some hard work at home, such as grooming, watering, etc. Due to which some activities will keep your body healthy.

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If you can’t get anywhere, then climb the stairs of the house, do it so many times. It will be just as beneficial, as it will also make you exercise and there will be no problem of acidity.

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Eat food while sitting upright

You also have to have the right way to eat to avoid acidity. You sit on a chair in such a way that your knees and hips are in the same position, at the same time your waist should also be straight. After eating, do not sleep, but before going for a walk, go to bed after about two hours.

Eat less gas

Reduce the intake of foods that produce more gas, potatoes, fried foods, fast food, cachet packing food items which cause a lot of gas. Drink at least tea. So you don’t get gas.

Do Yoga Pranayama-

It doesn’t matter if you can’t do heavy exercise right now, but you should do some yoga pranayama sitting at home to keep your body healthy. Doing yoga will not cause you problems like acidity, constipation, headache, fatigue, weakness. You will feel refreshed yourself.

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