HomeServe signs the Fundacin Msfamilia teleworking charter

Fundacin Msfamilia celebrates the second edition of the Telework Charter with which more than 100 companies have joined in their commitment to the culture of flexible work and telework

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 12 April 2021

HomeServe, a leading company in home care and maintenance, joins as a signatory company of the Teleworking and Flexibility Charter promoted by Fundacin Msfamilia. In this way, it seals its commitment in favor of a culture of flexibility and teleworking which favors a more advanced society adapted to new times.

The pandemic has boosted teleworking in an unprecedented way. According to the II edition of the White Paper on Teleworking, before the pandemic, only 8% of people teleworked in Spain, and currently, within the signatory entities of the Telework Charter, 7 out of 10 people telework.

The Telework and Flexibility Charter is a letter of commitment that companies and organizations sign voluntarily to promote a clear commitment to the culture of flexible work and teleworking; respect for the environment, diversity and inclusion and recognition and pedagogy of the benefits of a flexible culture.

HomeServe started its teleworking project in 2019. Since early 2020, it has implemented a teleworking system and flexible hours that promote work-family balance for the entire team. Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, since March of the same year, all of its staff have been teleworking. “Facilitating work-life balance through telecommuting and flexibility has been and remains a priority at HomeServe. Before Covid 19, we were already taking up the challenge of improving the reconciliation of the whole team because we firmly believe that the most satisfied people contribute to creating more efficient, positive and sustainable companies. HomeServe Concilia is our comprehensive plan to reconcile personal and professional life, with measures adapted to the different groups of employees in the company and which aims to meet the needs of the whole team ”, says Ana Lpez, HR Director of HomeServe Spain .

Currently, more than 100 companies have given concrete expression to their commitment to flexibility, to the productivity of companies, to the well-being of people and to the environment. The signing of these 100 companies means a total saving of 20,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

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