Hong Kong China Electoral System: China to Consolidate Hong Kong and Strengthen Electoral System – Chinese National People’s Congress NPC to Revise Hong Kong Electoral System

Strong points:

China to seize and strengthen democracy in Hong Kong after suppressing Hong Kong supporters The Hong Kong leader’s selection committee will elect some members of the city’s legislature.
China, after crushing supporters of democracy in Hong Kong, will now strengthen the occupation there. A senior Chinese official said the pro-Beijing committee tasked with selecting Hong Kong’s ruler will also elect some members of the city’s legislature. The move will be part of a plan to reform Hong Kong’s electoral system.

Wang Chen, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress, gave this information Friday during the annual session in Beijing. “The Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Election Commission (Legco) will have the right to nominate all candidates,” he said. Wang said the size, structure and composition of the current electoral committee will also be changed, and the electoral committee will be appointed by the chairman and CEO.

After its biggest political meeting, China announced that it would change Hong Kong’s entire electoral system so that only “patriotic” people remain in power. The Chinese government is believed to have indicated that it will not tolerate discontent in Hong Kong. This reform came at a time when the Chinese government had taken severe measures to strengthen the grip on the city some time ago.

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