Hong Kong developers donate artment partitions for covid vaccination – Off fur for vaccination in Hong Kong, get 100 million apartments to apply corona vaccine

The prize money can be won by lottery and the winner will be given an apartment of equal value.

New Delhi. Efforts are being made to make the corona vaccination campaign a success all over the world. Various governments are pushing to speed up the vaccination process. But there is also a country where millions have been rewarded for vaccinating.

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10 crore apartment

According to media reports, a developer in Hong Kong has made this unique offer to vaccinators. Accordingly, those who are vaccinated can get a prize of 4 1.4 million i.e. about 100 million. The prize money can be won by lottery and the winner will be given an apartment of equal value.

A company called Sino Group is working with the Tank Fong Foundation to encourage people to get vaccinated. The company says the winner will be given a new apartment under the Grand Central project.

Termination of vaccine dose

Indeed, the people of Hong Kong are not showing enthusiasm in getting vaccinated. There is confusion among the people about vaccination. In such a situation there is a risk of wasting the dose of the vaccine here. The government here is also considering donating vaccine doses, as some doses are due to expire by August.

Luxury home will be awarded

Vaccinators in Hong Kong will be entitled to win this lucky draw. About 450 square feet of luxury home will be available in the prizes in this offer. There are also many offers from the government to promote vaccination.

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Only 12 percent of the population is vaccinated

People in the country are not ready to come out of their homes for vaccinations. About.5. In Hong Kong, with a population of one million, only 12 percent of the population has been vaccinated so far. At the same time, 28 percent of people in neighboring Singapore have received the corona vaccine.

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