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The PlayStation exclusivity that highlights the young and intrepid Aloy will soon have a second work. An entire conference was dedicated to her yesterday and the least we can say is that she could add to the waiting time. She knew how to inspire the players after her announcement in the State of Play in June 2020, but was then made rather discreet. Yesterday the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn made a noticeable return to the spotlight, with a State of Play entirely dedicated to it. As a reminder, the game is expected on PS5 and PS4, but there will always be a need to settle for a vague “second half of 2021” in terms of release date. Yesterday’s State of Play didn’t teach us anything about it, we just focused on new gameplay and gaming experience.

Horizon gets a makeover

Horizon: Forbidden West revealed itself to the general public through a 14-minute gameplay video on PS5. In addition to the breathtaking scenes that the game offers us with its lush nature and vivid colors, new features have been revealed. We were indeed able to discover the claw and glider that make it possible to move more fluidly, new weapons that make it possible to understand combat differently, or the little device that allows Aloy to breathe underwater and such explore the ocean floor. Of course, we invite you to discover this video in its entirety, if you have not already done so. Now all you have to do is wait for the announcement of a specific release date. Also read: By meakaya, Writing MP

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