?? Horsemen Act ?? and time control, in this way the working hours of employees without an office will be managed

?? Horsemen Act ?? and time control, in this way the working hours of employees without an office will be managed

On August 12, the so-called “Rider Law”, approved in May by the Council of Ministers, will come into force, which will mean a before and after in the hiring of these workers. This new rule aims to put an end to the figure of bogus self-employed, by recognizing distributors of digital platforms as employees, which will lead them to adopt the obligation to record their working hours like any other employee. In this new context, an important question arises: how can a cyclist or any other similar freelance register when their work is done on the back of a bicycle or without stepping on the desk?

Managing the peculiarities of these new professions and the growing teleworking has become a challenge for which some companies have already been working for years. This is the case of the Spanish company Sesame HR, a startup specializing in global technological solutions for the field of human resources which has seen how the demand for its software has exploded among SMEs and large companies to ensure the correct compliance with the time register, already reaching 130,000 users.

“Keeping a correct time control record can be complicated, especially for emerging and extremely flexible working figures, such as jumpers. Realizing this, at Sesame HR we launched software that allowed us to simply log in through a mobile app, a tool that now takes on a new dimension, as it is essential for these types of workers to operate safely and in the framework of the legislation in force ”, explains Albert Soriano, founder and CEO of the company.

“We’ve always recognized that businesses need agility above all else, and that’s why our technology is able to respond quickly to the changing needs of any business. In the case of runners the basic thing is time control, but our software goes much further and allows HR managers to manage many other aspects in an automated way, focusing on what really matters: people. “, He underlines the person in charge.

In this way, the application of this Valencia-based company has gone from being a resource for leading companies in digitization to almost a necessity for runners and other employees with similar characteristics, who in a few months will be part of their own. business models. . At that time, the company’s multi-device and geolocated software will be a fundamental instrument for recording its schedules from its own mobile phone, wherever they are and at any time of the day.

Time control law: a change in the work culture

The legislation in force, and more particularly the law on time control in force since May 2019, requires all companies, regardless of their size, function or sector, to have a recording of the beginning and the end. of the working time of their workers. This has resulted in a significant change in corporate culture, as well as an additional challenge for human resources departments, which on many occasions are unprepared for this digital transformation and have to deal with a huge amount of new tasks.

“Another feature that facilitates the work of the respective areas of human resources is the rapid generation of changes from the program and their visualization from the application itself. With this tool, they can create as many team calendars as they want, very quickly and easily, thus knowing the availability between colleagues and instantly notifying possible changes. In addition, since it is a public API application, it can be integrated into each client’s own business platforms, ”emphasizes Majo Castillo, Director of Operations at Sesame HR, who continues:“ In this way, data generated by each worker can be synchronized, such as the number of orders placed or hours worked, which also makes it possible to generate valuable reports for the human resources department ”.

In estos momentos, there will live a huge crecimiento lasting 2020, Sesame is converted into una de las herramientas de referencia para la optimización del área de RRHH, gracias al desarrollo del software más completo e intuitivo del mercado para la management de los equipos y The resources. Currently, Sesame HR has over 5,000 clients and a team of over 60 professionals specializing in technology development and talent management.

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