Hospitals dismiss state of alarm with tense calm amid rising coronavirus positivity rate

Updated: Sunday, May 9, 2021 1:32 PM

Published on: 05/09/2021 13:31

It’s been a week with the curve of new positive and hospitalized patients with a downward trend in Spain, although there are eight territories with more than 200 cases. For this reason, hospitals have said goodbye to the state of alarm with tense calm.

In this sense, José Félix Hoyo, expert in epidemics and emergency doctor, warned that “the end of the state of alarm is premature”. “A little more hospital pressure will put us in a complicated situation where we will probably have to make decisions about how difficult it is to admit some patients or others,” he said.

Additionally, although the country has reported an overall decrease in infections, the positivity rate has increased – that is, the number of coronavirus infections detected from all tests performed. An example of this is Navarra, where they report a drop in infections (nine fewer than this Saturday), but their positivity rate soars to 5.7%, above the WHO-recommended threshold of five, which means that a pandemic It is under control.

This is the first warning indicator and, therefore, of primary care, they warn: “The feeling of primary care is that we are the same as we were.” And it is that the hospitals greeted the state of alert with an occupation of 13% in hospital beds and 24% in ICU, while they dismissed it with around 7% in the factory and 22 % in intensive care units.

It should be noted that there are strong contrasts between the Autonomous Communities, because if Extremadura, the Valencian Community or Galicia barely reach 6% of occupancy in intensive care, in Madrid, La Rioja or Euskadi, they exceed 30% or even 40%. In the latter, moreover, they announced this Sunday a positivity rate of 6% and 46 additional hospitalizations. Meanwhile, in La Rioja, positive cases are decreasing. 77 less than the day before, although his positivity rate exceeded 6%.

“We have closed cases in all youth hospitals that have infected middle-aged people and that have resulted in serious consequences,” warned José Félix Hoyo, a story that will repeat itself every day if we do not continue to respect the restrictions to avoid contagions.

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