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Currently, COVID19 and the pandemic have forced many habits to change and day-to-day lifestyle readjustment. One of the sectors that suffered the most from this crisis has been tourism and in particular the hotel industry. At the same time, teleworking has emerged as an alternative to face-to-face work and has developed in almost all sectors.

Turn hotel rooms and other rooms into flexible offices and overcome this crisis

The hotel sector is looking for alternatives to mitigate the effects of this crisis and has found a formula that it is starting to put into practice in several hotels across the country. It is about adapting rooms and other hotel rooms such as offices and coworking spaces. Hotel offices are a very valid alternative in the current situation: because of the need to leave the living space that is the home and find in hotels all the services that you cannot have at home. Such is its impact on this sector that Prodeca Barcelona has already called this service as Hotel Office.

Prodeca Barcelona has been working with hotels to set up the hotel office since June. Among the engineering and design companies specializing in the adaptation of office spaces that exist in Barcelona, ​​perhaps one of the most historic, in a sector that has changed over the decades, Prodeca Barcelona has had a history to reinvent constant search for new market niches in which to continue to develop successfully their work. In its team of people, it has engineers and interior architects specializing in innovation in workspaces and in the renovation of Covid 19 offices to adapt workspaces to the new normal.

When we think of a hotel, we think of the relaxation and comfort of being in a building where we can have great services concentrated in the same space. Restaurant, gym, swimming pool, coffee maker, 24-hour room service, parking, laundry, meeting rooms, training rooms, relaxation / reading / games rooms, concierge, green spaces. But it can also become a great place to work on the new normal.

But what would it be like to work in such a place?

The luxury of working from a hotel lies in the possibility of having an office with more comfort, security, because it is possible to have a private space, with a space for relaxation and as a motivation for any employee of any company .

In addition, if this hotel is close to business centers, city centers, airports, AVE stations or port areas, it means a plus as it facilitates the mobility of workers to different points.

Among its greatest advantages we find:

Restaurant / Bar 24/24.

Room service / office.

Car park.




Concierge to receive messages.

Taxi service.

Beds to rest.


Ticket offices.

Play area.

Reading / press area.

In addition to customer benefits, what benefit does the hotel office bring to a hotel?

The Hotel can take advantage of its currently closed or semi-closed facilities and be able to serve businesses and professionals who need to find comfortable, private, safe and relaxed workspaces with all the services offered by a hotel. The versatility of a hotel also makes it possible to adapt current spaces (rooms and halls) with flexible and reversible equipment that will be used in the future to complete their range of services. Office space is used daily from Monday to Friday and approximately 340 days a year. This will allow the hotel to contract long stays with companies in its facilities, which will make its activity more stable. And above all, the power to offer companies, businesses and professionals the possibility of having protected workspaces adapted to the Covid19 situation with services adapted to the current situation and that nowhere else could they have them all without having to go out into the street.

The Hotel Office is a complete ‘turnkey’ office service proposition that a hotel can offer and adapts perfectly to the needs of many businesses and professionals looking for facilities that can complement their daily work in the office with their own. services. a hotel (meeting rooms, bar, restaurant, gym, room service or parking, among others).

The Hotel Office will be a success as much alive now with the covid19 as in the future. Albert Giralt, CEO of Prodeca Barcelona, ​​adds that “In the current context, due to the semi-containment situation, the situation of the tourism and catering sector is very painful. This sector has always been and will be an engine of the economy and it is necessary to think about solutions to overcome this situation. In this sense, it is necessary to think about collaborating with the hotel sector to transform part of the hotel space into business centers and offices and thus be able to give performance and utility to these spaces full of services and equipment currently totally wasted. Telecommuting is helping to overcome this crisis, but many professionals do not have the comfort and services that a hotel can offer. Certainly, with good collaboration between the two sectors, this can save the viability of many hotels currently closed or semi-closed. “

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