hottest place on planet: hottest place on planet in Pakistan

Winds blowing from Pakistan have scorched many states in India, but the situation in Pakistan is even worse. The temperature in Pakistan, which has become the hottest place in the world, is expected to reach 52 degrees Celsius. The biggest victim of this heat wave is Jacobabad in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Experts told the Telegraph newspaper that the temperature here is so high that the human body cannot stand it.

Electricity caused problems
The heatwave left the streets and alleys deserted. People are trapped in their homes, but even there the ground is heating up. Only a few people have ac support, but they are also troubled by frequent power outages. The Telegraph report said that due to the heat and humidity, Jacobabad has become one of the two hottest places in the world.

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a kind of relief
Apart from this, the temperature in Ras Al Khaimah of Dubai is also very high. However, there isn’t much of an electricity problem there, so the situation isn’t that bad either. At the same time, the people of Jacobabad are supported by snow and feathers. In many places people try to relieve themselves by jumping into ponds, but the water also gets hot. The temperature here is always scorching and during these months a large number of people lose their lives due to heat stroke and other reasons due to the heat.

Why is it so hot?
According to Tom Mathews, senior lecturer in climate science at Loughborough University in the UK, the Indus Valley remains the center of most heat. Jacobabad falls on the Tropic of Cancer, because of which he has to face the direct heat of the sun. With the humid winds of the Arabian Sea, the temperature increases more dangerously.

Impact on global warming: the heat wave has boiled icy Siberia to 48 ° C! 120-year record broken in Moscow
Impact of climate change?
Jacobabad may be forced to burn in the heat due to its location, rapidly rising temperatures in many places around the world have drawn attention to climate change. In the frigid Arctic region, the world’s coldest Siberia experiences heat waves. Here, the 80-year record was broken when the temperature in Verkhoyansk reached 48 degrees Celsius. The 120-year record was also broken in Moscow. Due to global warming, melting ice releases methane, which further increases the temperature.

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