hottest temperature in the world: Death Valley: Embers raining down Death Valley, the heat here will break the 100+ year record – Death Valley breaks its own 1913 record for the warmest temperature hot never recorded on earth

The heat of the sun breaks a new record every day in Death Valley, California, United States. If the summer season continues like this, this place could break its own 1913 record for the hottest air temperature on Earth ever. Scientists have warned that the southwestern United States could experience incredible heat in the coming days. According to AccuWeather, the temperature in Death Valley reached 124 degrees Fahrenheit from Wednesday to Saturday. This temperature is expected to increase further in the coming days. An all-time record high temperature hit a record 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley in 1913 during a five-day heat wave. No other place on earth has ever felt such warm air.

Hot air may set new record in Death Valley

Scientists predict that the temperature in Death Valley will rise steadily every day for the next few days. Scientists had previously estimated that the June average temperature in Death Valley would be 110 degrees Fahrenheit, but the reverse wind changed all of those estimates in surprising ways. Death Valley is a deep and narrow valley 300 meters below sea level. Where there are no names of trees and plants. Humans don’t live here, but adventure seekers keep coming for rock climbing and trekking. This valley remains warm because its surface is made up of red rocks and a little earth. This surface gives off heat, but it cannot escape from the valley. The effect of this is that the air in the valley becomes extremely hot. The warm air here is surrounded by rugged mountain ranges, which trap heat in the depths of the valley.

Southwestern United States severely affected by heat

The entire southwestern region of America has been battling 100-degree heat for more than a week. This rise in temperatures is also expected to continue in the coming days. In such a situation, this area may face more heat. AccuWeather meteorologists said forecasters will remember this current heat wave not only for its intensity, but also for its duration. This puts pressure on the power grids and affects the water supply. Due to this scorching heat, whatever vegetation or trees and plants remain in the area, they also dry out. In such a situation, if there is a fire in the forests of California, then it will be difficult to stop it. The hot wind and dry trees and plants will spread the flames across the area in an instant.

40 to 50 lakh people can be affected

If the heat continues like this in California, then 4,000,000 to 5,000,000 people living in that region could be affected. Temperatures have already reached record highs across the region, including California, Arizona, Montana and Idaho, according to AccuWeather. It is said that from the end of this week the temperature could see a drop. Due to the heat, people can increase the risk of illnesses like nosebleeds, heatstroke, and heatstroke. The United States National Weather Service has issued a heat wave warning for areas along the coast of Los Angeles County. This warning will be in effect from Wednesday evening to Friday evening.

Fear spread due to fear of shutting down the power supply

The manager of the California electricity grid has warned residents of the region against the interruption of the electricity supply. In this, people have been urged to store more and more electricity. The California Independent System Operator (ISO) said in a statement that while no power outages or supply disruptions are currently expected, there are a number of steps we can take to reduce demand and achieve l extra energy. Due to the excessive heat, there is a possibility of tripping high voltage power lines. The Texas power grid operator already urged residents in Monday’s statement to reduce electricity use as much as possible by Friday. Many power plants are already closed in this area.

Forest fires and drought cause concern

Forest fires are also becoming a major problem in this region. According to Axios, more than 20 large wildfires are already burning in Arizona, California and other parts of the West. According to a report by The Weather Channel, about 89 percent of the western United States experiences drought conditions. Of these, more than half of the region experienced “extreme” and “extraordinary” drought conditions. Scientists fear the region will experience the worst drought in its history.

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