Household admissions drop by up to 30% for fear of coronavirus despite vaccination slowing mortality

Posted: Saturday May 8, 2021 3:26 PM

Income from Spanish residences has fallen by 30% due to the COVID-19 panic. However, according to a study by the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services, after vaccination, there are on average only 45 cases per week. In addition, all the positives recorded are asymptomatic.

In this sense, the sector specifies that “there is an immunity which exceeds 90%, while deaths have fallen by 98%”. “We gave everything during the pandemic, and there was a very strong collaboration between all the workers of the centers, the families and the residents, and finally we can cry out loud and clear that we are safe centers”, defends Diego Juez , director of the Tardajos residence in Burgos.

For her part, Cinta Pascual, president of CEAPs, recognizes that “mortality existed”, but that the vaccination succeeded in stopping it completely. “Durante un año no nos han dejado hacer ingresos, y la dependencia en España maintains a trámite media of 438 días”, lamenta Pascual, a lo que añade que realmente “el factor miedo es el que menos hay”, pero que “también It exists”.

At La Sexta, we spoke with Perpetua Andrés Muñoz, 97, who tells us in first person how he experienced the pandemic from inside a residence: “We had the best time possible. We stayed in our room for a while without going out. We only went out to walk down the hall in the morning, ”he says. However, in January 2021 the change began. “We were lucky to be among the first to get vaccinated,” he recalls.

Now, with 90% of residents vaccinated, the sector is asking to speed up the admission process and an economic advantage that reaches people who have a severe dependence in 30 days so that the residences can resume their normal function.

And in case the data hasn’t convinced you, we have this other message: “Don’t be afraid to be in a residence. Here you are a small group where you walk, talk and you can coexist wonderfully.” , explains Perpetua. Watch out for this woman who knows firsthand what it’s like to live in a residence.

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