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When we think of a container, several things come to mind: mostly sea containers or rubbish. On the other hand, the words house, swimming pool and garden do not come to mind! As container houses become more democratic, these giant steel blocks can be used for many other purposes …

Container houses that are easy to build are becoming a very popular construction method. They combine simplicity of construction, speed but also ecology. The used containers are stripped of all of their original functions to become trendy houses. Recently, swimming pools and container gardens and even tiny houses have appeared in private homes, but they have long been used for other functions …

Cities U …

Container villages are nothing new! In 2010 the first city in a container saw the light of day in Le Havre … Today this A Docks Residence still houses 100 students, each with 25 m². The pioneer in this field was the city of Le Havre, whose port is one of the largest in France (after Marseille) in terms of maritime traffic.

Residence A Docks: container housing. Photo credit: Wikipedia / By Philippe Alès – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Swimming pool …

A new use suddenly finds its way into the French building landscape: the swimming pool! The construction of a swimming pool often requires enormous work and the associated budget … With the container, you delivered the construction in one piece. And the choice of whether it is an in-ground or an above-ground swimming pool!

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You should know that when used to transport goods, containers don’t last forever. And that recycling is not easy. Hence, it is a really good idea to use these metal giants for construction.

Let’s stay in the beautiful city of Le Havre, which also recycles the containers in swimming pools. As the France 3 Régions site reports, container pools are increasingly in demand … With a length of 6 or 12 m, they not only offer a perfectly sealed pool, but their design also enables the creation of a space to store all filter devices. An installed container pool costs around € 20,000 (delivered and installed), but you need a large garden!

How about a vegetable garden?

In France, Independent Living Base is developing an innovative agricultural solution. And especially a new form of urban agriculture. We all know these vegetable gardens that were created in the city centers to bring the vegetable garden back to the heart of the city. Independent Living Base imagined these squares in containers!

Photo credit: Shutterstock / AHatmaker

Metal boxes use renewable energy to grow all types of plants. A container that can produce around twenty plant species is currently being tested in Sartrouville (78). It would also be a perfect ally for pollination …

We are a long way from this extraordinary container house that we presented to you at the beginning of the year! $ 2.85 million for this metallic jewel … A work of art made only of containers to be discovered here. So in a couple of years it will be possible to live, dive and eat with a few recycled containers … we love the idea!

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