Houthi drone attack: Yemen’s Houthi drones attack like an explosion at Jammu airport

Security agencies were stunned by two explosions at Satwari Air Force Station in Jammu in less than five minutes overnight from Saturday to Sunday. It is feared that terrorists dropped explosives from the sky at the Air Force station using quadcopter drones. The Houthi rebels operating in Yemen are also using the same method to attack the air base. Their drones attack Saudi air bases, covering a distance of several kilometers. However, it is not yet confirmed that these drones came from across the border that they were operated by local terrorists.

Houthi rebels bring drone strikes under control
Houthi rebels operating in Yemen continue to attack Saudi air bases every day. Saudi Arabia has suffered heavy losses in numerous attacks. These rebels received Iranian aid. There are also reports that Houthi terrorists are obtaining weapons, drones and other explosives directly from the Iranian military. They also found drones made in China, which they use for close range attacks.

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The Houthis built their own drone industry
The Houthi rebels have maintained their own drone industry, reports The National. They get parts that are used to make drones across the border and from Iran. Through reverse engineering, they also learned the ropes of assembling the drone and making it at home. Iran is also providing technical assistance and engineers to these rebels. That’s why they turn even the normal drone into a deadly weapon.

What drones do the Houthi use?
All the drones of the Houthi rebels are built on Iranian technology. Chinese drones have also been used by the Houthi rebels in some attacks. In their attacks, a locally made drone named Kasef is used more. Its technology is similar to that of the Iranian drone Ababeel. Kassef can attack from a distance of 150 km. In 2018, these insurgents claimed to have attacked Dubai airport more than 1,200 km away with a new long-range drone named Samad-3. He also claimed to have attacked Riyadh airport. So far, no public photos of the used Samad-3 drone have been found. Not only that, its technology also does not match any Iranian drone.

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Houthi rebels carried out 267 drone strikes in 2020
China’s Xinhua News Agency quoted Houthi militia military spokesman Yahya Saraya as saying that 267 bomb-laden drones were attacked against Saudi Arabia in 2020. Not only that, this terrorist organization carried out 180 air strikes. drones inside Yemen. Under the leadership of the Saudis, the armies of many countries are fighting the Houthi rebels. Houthi rebel attacks continue to haunt Saudi Arabia.

Oil wells and refineries are also targeted
Houthi rebels are also targeting oil wells and refineries in Saudi Arabia. Houthi rebel drones loaded with explosives often crash into these two bases. Due to what fire in a refinery or oil wells. Saudi Arabia’s economy is based on oil. In such a situation, when the Houthi rebel drone struck Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s largest refinery last year, oil prices around the world rose due to the shutdown of production.

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Houthi rebel drone attacks have not abated even in 2021
Also this year, Yemen’s Houthi rebels are carrying out continuous drone strikes on Saudi Arabia. On February 9, 2021, Houthi rebels launched a drone strike targeting Abha International Airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Because of this, an airliner parked there caught fire. On the same day, the Saudi army shot down two Houthi rebel drones in the air.

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