Houthi rebel missiles from Saudi Arabia: 75 ballistic missiles fired at Saudi cities in 2020: One Huti rebel – Houthi rebels say 75 ballistic missiles were fired at cities in Saudi Arabia in 2020

Yemen’s Houthi militia, backed by Iran, said it fired 75 ballistic missiles in 2020 at towns on the border with Saudi Arabia. In a statement on Monday, the group’s military spokesman Yahya Saraya said the militia had fired 178 more ballistic missiles at Yemeni cities over the past year, targeting government military sites, Xinhua reported. .

He also said that last year the militia carried out “267 drone bomb attacks against Saudi Arabia and 180 other drone attacks against the Yemeni government inside Yemeni cities”. Last year, the Houthi militia also stepped up cross-border drone and missile attacks against Saudi Arabia, but most of the attacks were halted according to statements by the Saudi-led coalition.

British army saves Saudi oil factories
The rebel group stepped up its attacks on cities occupied by the Yemeni government last year, killing hundreds and injuring them, the government said. The attacks by the Houthi rebels have shaken Saudi Arabia. Troubled by the constant attacks on oil wells and oil factories, Prince Salman enlisted the help of the British military. The Independent quoted the defense spokesperson as saying that the artilleryman of the Royal Artillery, the 16th Regiment of the British Army, has been quietly deployed to oil fields in Saudi Arabia to protect oil wells drone strikes by the Houthi rebels. Could.

The defense spokesperson said the UK had worked closely with the Saudi Ministry of Defense and several international allies following the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil production facilities on September 14, 2019. Meanwhile, a strategy has also been developed to strengthen the defense of its vital economic infrastructure against air threats. The spokesperson, however, did not disclose the exact deadline or the number of soldiers involved, citing Operation Security.

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