How aliens communicate: aliens communicate through stars and photons

Why do the stars twinkle? Innocent children must have asked this question many times while looking at the sky and there are many answers in science. Now a new study has yielded the most unique theory. According to this, if there are any advanced aliens living in the universe, then they can use stars to talk to each other and we don’t understand that.

“Aliens are sending secret messages”
Quantum physicist Terry Rudolph of Imperial College London hypothesized that aliens use entangled photons from stars to send secret messages. Entangled photons or quantum entanglement occur when bound particles of light interact with each other regardless of their distance.

Einstein rejected the theory
Terry says that this kind of contact will not be understood by those who are not involved and therefore have not been able to understand life outside their planet to date. Interestingly, Albert Einstein rejected this theory, but scientists are trying to find out whether it is possible or not.

How to get in touch?
Entanglement occurs when a laser beam passes through a crystal, reports Live Science. This splits the photons and creates pairs of tilted photons that are farther apart from each other. Terry said in his study that these photons travel billions of light years and during that they continue to affect each other (quantum coherence).

They say this is how advanced aliens interact in the universe. They use photons to emit starlight. They also hide these signals so that no one else can understand them and this seems normal to those who see from the outside.

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