How can organizations have a positive environmental impact through HR management?

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Corporate sustainability, in debate: How can organizations have a positive environmental impact through HR management?

Employees and the general public are increasingly aware of the importance of moving towards truly sustainable and circular models, a trend that is also developing in organizations and companies. Despite the fact that sustainability is very much in the mindset of businesses, organizations still have a long way to go to firmly integrate it into their roadmaps towards post-pandemic recovery. This will be one of the issues that will be addressed during the HR Innovation Summit 2021: the sustainability of companies and all that it encompasses, already understood as synonymous with success for companies and decisive in meeting the expectations of employees, customers and of the society. .

To achieve these objectives, organizations must reorient their actions and their corporate culture towards a model where social responsibility, sustainability and the circular economy are the central axis of their company, thus leaving this concept so vital today. integrated into the DNA of companies.

Corporate sustainability, debated at the HR Innovation Summit

Given the importance of the environmental and social impact of organizations, in this new edition of the HR Innovation Summit, we will analyze aspects such as the new opportunities and risks offered by the sustainable development framework; ESG criteria in the context of the company; how to implement them and integrate them into our corporate culture; or how to involve all members of the organization, among many other vital issues of the present and the future.

For all this, the HR Innovation Summit will bring together high-level professionals who will address each of the above questions, including Juan Verde, sustainable economy advisor to the US government and companies such as Google, Cisco or Banco Santander, which s ‘will talk to us about all things sustainability and how companies can have a positive environmental impact through their management of resources and people. In addition, important representatives of leading companies in the field of sustainable development of companies such as Cabify or EY will also participate in the most important annual HR event.

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A congress that counts, one more year, with EY as main sponsor, and the institutional support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors. In addition, Aon, Cabify, Cigna, Hastee, Infojobs, Personio and The Adecco Group participate as Gold Sponsors, and Nationale-Nederlanden and Sodexo as Silver Sponsors. As a Bronze Sponsor, the congress benefits from the support of Íncipy, Nawaiam and Vertis. BMW Madrid is the official vehicle of an event that also benefits from the collaboration of companies such as Selecta, Frutality or Barón de Salamanca, among others. Coonic is the event agency and Eventelling is the official technology provider.

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