How can small businesses and the self-employed grow their business?


Five keys for 2021

How can small businesses and the self-employed grow their business?

Create a website and update it, set up your own sales channel or a Marketplace, improve positioning in the main search engines or conduct campaigns on social networks, among the main areas of improvement that the small ones Spanish companies have to face the new reality

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 a.m. – January 11, 2021

A new year is starting and Spanish small businesses and independents are already setting new goals for 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything and the way of selling and doing business was not going to be less, that is why this new year presents a host of new challenges for small entrepreneurs. What was until recently a reality for hundreds of small businesses is now impossible and what seemed impossible a few months ago has become a daily routine for many of them.

GoDaddy, a company that empowers entrepreneurs in their day-to-day life, wants to stress the importance of not being left behind and of reinventing itself to face all the conversion challenges faced by self-employed people in Spain. In order for all these small businesses to continue in business and not be left behind, it is important to take care and develop to the maximum the following areas of digitization:

Build a website and keep it up to date: Despite the internet becoming a better opportunity to keep a business open, when the pandemic started, 37% of businesses that still did not have a website, according to the survey “Impact of Covid- 19 in small Spanish companies and the self-employed”. Now that the consequences of the pandemic are known, the self-employed know that having an internet presence for a small business is no longer an option, it has become an obligation. But not only is this important, today it is not enough to just have a website, but it is just as important to update it regularly. Adding new, up-to-date content and web-friendliness keeps repeat customers coming back and, moreover, provides a reason to attract new users. Set up your own sales channel or marketplace: According to INE, more than 20.2 million people carried out e-commerce transactions last year. Therefore, and taking into account the current situation, having a platform through which a small business can have the opportunity to sell its products or services online is a basic tool for generating income and growing the business. ‘company. Knowing how much room for improvement these tools can offer small businesses, a recent GoDaddy survey showed that only 1 in 10 currently offer their products through an e-commerce platform, which necessarily should. change so that autonomous and independent Spaniards can cope with the closure of their physical establishments and capacity limitations. Improve positioning in major search engines: In the current crisis, it is more important than ever to find channels to reach potential customers to compensate for lost sales in face-to-face businesses. SEO positioning helps achieve this goal, but this activity is not widely practiced by Spanish freelancers according to a GoDaddy survey, in which 89% of respondents were found to say they do not use SEO strategies. To improve these techniques, you need to have original content, update blog content often, use keywords or include links that identify the product being sold, among other things. If you have little time for this activity, a good alternative is to invest more in SEM strategies. Campaigns on social networks: since Covid-19 and its commercial consequences appeared on the scene, the majority of small Spanish entrepreneurs have wanted to bet on new technological tools to stay in touch with their customers, with WhatsApp being the most popular option. used (60%), followed by social media (46%) and email marketing in third place (31%). With that in mind, social media is one of the best tools for giving any small business a boost. Going live on Instagram or Facebook is one of the most effective strategies, it puts a face on a business and brings it closer to its followers, making them feel like they are part of our brand. And, on the other hand, another of the most useful techniques is to use social selling, linking social media posts to an online store, thereby increasing the sales of a small business. Breaking down barriers: A survey conducted by GoDaddy found that widespread ignorance was the biggest barrier for a small business to enter the digital world, in fact, almost 8 in 10 respondents (78%) have no website because they didn’t know the steps to start it. To remove this barrier, GoDaddy offers Web Pages + Marketing, a service that combines easy web page creation with online sales, appointment scheduling and marketing tools.

“The year 2021 represents an opportunity for all Spanish independents. These small businesses are facing a period of change where reinventing themselves and embracing new digitalization tools will be key to staying afloat in this coronavirus crisis, which does not appear to end in a few months. Using the tools offered by the Internet in favor of a small business is the best solution to recover sales from a physical business and stay in touch with customers and even gain new ones, ”says Gianluca Stamerra, GoDaddy Regional Director for Spain, Italy and France.

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