How can we be happy in our work and in our personal environment? We analyzed it in the third TV program “Coffee Break”

How can we be happy in our work and in our personal environment? We analyzed it in the third TV program “Coffee Break”

Another week, we’re back! This Monday, March 22, two days after celebrating the International Day of Happiness, Coffee Break is broadcasting a program dedicated to this ideal long awaited by all workers: happiness at work.

In a time of stress, confusion and uncertainty, it is more important than ever that organizations and their employees know how to find and manage emotional stability on a daily basis, achieving this mindset in a simple and lasting way. Are we the happy workers today? What is happiness for us? How do you keep the team happy and enthusiastic? We talked about all of this in the third Coffee Break program.

To analyze the concept of happiness at work, we have the participation of Margarita Álvarez, founder of Working for Happiness, who talks about happiness in times of coronavirus. As she herself points out, “It is important to understand how we experience these circumstances in order to know how to deal with what is happening. It is essential to listen to people from different fields to better understand ourselves through the knowledge and experience of others and to have more information about what Aristotle called the primary purpose of the human being. : happiness. “

In addition, to analyze health business strategies related to well-being and happiness, we have the participation of Raquel Gil, Director of Human Resources at Sanitas Seguros, to analyze how employees and organizations have adapted to the new reality. of work, what methodologies have been implemented to guarantee happiness at work and welcoming employees.

To top it off, like every week, we will analyze all the news from the world of work and we will know the opinion of our viewers through the section “ On the radar ”, announcing the question of the week and reviewing the most commented on social networks.

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