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News tip Deny Re[in]Skin color: how can you level up your characters? Posted on May 28, 2021 at 6:25 pm Available in closed beta until June 1st Nier Re[in]Hautton is finally being revealed to its audience outside of Japan. However, while the gameplay is very easy to learn, your characters development can be more winding. We explain the procedure to you. Nier Reincarnation is new to the world of NieR for iOS and Android and lets you immerse yourself in the mysterious universe of the cage. The game puts you in the shoes of a young girl who has lost her speech accompanied by a fascinating but watchful little creature named Mama. In order to discover their identity, the game immerses us in the memories of various protagonists whose connections to one another do not seem obvious. This gallery of characters, often tormented by their traumatic past, also serves as playable avatars during the various battles of Nier Reincarnation. You control a team of three characters and you have to advance each of them as the story progresses as the difficulty of enemies and bosses will increase. There are many ways to achieve your goals and we will explain each of them to you. Before getting to the heart of the matter, you should know that there are three types of currencies in Nier Reincarnation to help you move forward in the adventure. First of all, gemstones are the most common and easily available currency in Nier Reincarnation. You will win some in the gift box by logging in regularly and with every fight won. This currency is used in the Summoning submenu, where the lottery rewards you with many weapons that can be customized to suit your characters. These weapons obviously deserve a lot of attention. Each of your characters has an affinity for a certain type of weapon. It is up to you to equip the right type: firearms, sword, scepter or gauntlet to get the most out of your team.

Repeat quests and subquests: a mandatory step

Then tickets are another very important market value. These can also be used in the lottery, which is located in the Chapter tab of the Summon submenu. This is where you can get character upgrades that are so important to increasing your team’s strength in battle. You can get this currency by repeating the quests of the chapters you have already completed. Likewise, the game’s subtasks allow you to restore resources that apply to your weapons or characters, and gold is an extra step before equipping or upgrading your characters. Although gems and tickets will give you these various artifacts, you will have to spend gold in order to equip your team. Even if this process seems lengthy and arduous, do not worry. Despite the name adopted here, you can get gold in abundance. Like gems, you earn them during your battles, but also by selling the double equipment you get on your many MPTwitter

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