How coworking adapts to the new normal of work

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has reorganized all areas of personal and professional life. In fact, in this last mandate, the Covid-19 has brought traditional coworking spaces to adapt to new circumstances, mainly in terms of teleworking.

According to the study on the law on telework carried out by Actiu, for 77% of the population, one of the negative aspects of teleworking is the lack of socialization and personal relationships between the workers themselves. Thus, these spaces have also been adapted to the new reality to encourage different professionals to combine both face-to-face work and remote work.

Currently, coworking spaces are emerging as an alternative to the so-called home office and traditional offices. Throughout these months, coworking spaces have become safe workplaces, as they incorporate the highest standards of health and hygiene.

It’s a restructuring that has brought about changes in these types of spaces from what they were before. The changes affected both its distribution and density, as well as its design. In addition, these places have also opened up to new offers adapted to the new user profile, with more flexible contracts, lower prices, and more private, partitioned and secure spaces.

Coworking spaces have also accelerated their digital transformation. To do this, they use job booking applications, contactless technologies, voice commands and virtual collaboration spaces between companies and workers.

From Actiu, they point out that “the demand for greater flexibility has accelerated digitization which makes us much more efficient”, according to Rafa de Ramn. In this sense, he points out that they are working on a new interpretation of the concept of “ useful square meter ”, to know the real surface used by the worker and to see how it affects the improvement of the company, both in terms of talent attraction and increased work efficiency or increased employee well-being.

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