How crown damages lungs, scientists fix nodule – Scientists find out how coronavirus damages lung cells within hours

Scientists have so far drawn a large shot from molecular research into the molecular activities occurring in thousands of lung cells at the start of viral infections that could help develop new drugs to fight covid-19. Several scientists, including Boston University in the United States, found in their analysis that 18 existing drugs approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (ADA) could be used against Kovid-19.

He said five of these drugs can reduce the spread of the corona virus in human lung cells by up to 90%. This research was published in a journal called “Molecular Cell”. Scientists involved in this research simultaneously infected thousands of lab-grown human blister cells and observed their activities.

He said that these cells are not exactly the same as the cells in the body but look like them. Elke Mühlberger, a virus researcher and co-author of the Boston University research, said the research monitors the virus an hour after infecting lung cells. He said it was quite scary to see the virus started damaging cells when the infection started.

The virus cannot make copies, so it makes copies of its genetic material through the mechanisms of cells. Scientists participating in the research have found that when SARS-COV-2 infection occurs, it completely changes the cell’s “metabolic” process. The virus also damages the molecular membrane (membrane) of the cell within three to six hours of infection.

Mühlberger pointed out that cells infected with the deadly Ebola virus, by contrast, initially showed no structural changes. He said that at the same time, the molecular membrane (membrane) was safe in the later stage of infection.

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