How Crown Interacts With Proteins In Human Cells, Scientists Find Out – Scientists Find Out How Coronavirus Interacts With Proteins In Human Cells

Scientists have shown for the first time how the genetic material of the corona virus interacts with proteins in human cells. It’s a discovery that could pave the way for a new treatment for Kovid-19. Researchers, including scientists at the Broad Institute of America, say the most important and important task is to understand the molecular interaction between a virus and the cells it affects.

Will help prevent virus count
The scientists said that a detailed understanding of these interactions will help to understand the host cell processes favorable to the increase in virus numbers. It will also help to understand the elements that activate the host’s immune system. According to scientists, the SARS-Kovi-2 virus uses host proteins to increase its numbers.

Research published in Nature Microbiology
According to the researchers, there is no detailed understanding of all the proteins in human cells that interact with the genetic material of RNA with RNA. In this current research published in the journal Nature Microbiology, scientists drew the world’s first map directly on the space between SARS-Kov-2 RAN and proteins in human cells. Based on their findings, the researchers also identified important regulators of the growth of virus multiplication.

The genes that make the crown “ lethal ” have also been identified
A few days ago, scientists at the Merican Natural History Museum identified the gene that provides biological resistance to the corona virus and its ability to spread epidemics. This finding is likely to enhance the corona virus vaccine or drug production. According to the team of scientists from the Merican Museum of Natural History, 15 genes (partly responsible for the conservation of genetic properties) in the genome of the corona virus have been identified to date. This can have an effective effect on the development of vaccines or drugs against this virus.

Scientists named the 3D ORF gene
The gene identified in the genes of SARS Cove-2 (Corona virus responsible for Kovid-19 disease) was named ORF3D by the researchers. This gene has the ability to encode more proteins than expected (know how to function). They reported that ORF3D was also present in the previously discovered pangolin corona virus, indicating that this gene underwent a sequence of evolution during the development of SARS-Cove-2 and related viruses.

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