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News tip Knockout City: How do I do special throws? Posted on 05/26/2021 2:02 PM As the end of his free time is fast approaching, Knockout City is attracting more and more players. The principle of the ball for the prisoner is associated with a simple gameplay, but also full of subtleties. We will show you how to master all types of throws in the game. In Knockout City, strategy and reverse psychology play a bigger role than pure technology. You don’t need to know how to aim at your opponent here as the game almost automatically detects the person closest to you in your line of sight. However, there are a variety of throws that you can use to confuse the opposing team, which we will describe in detail for you.

The different types of throws in Knockout City

In the five training tutorials from Knockout City, you will not only get a bonus of 500 holofriks, but also all possible throwing combinations in the game: with the brush shot you can bend the ball to the right or left for an effect that will deceive your opponent its real trajectory. To do this, jump in the air by pressing X or A on the console before using the Circle or B key while throwing your ball with R2 or RT. On the PC, all you have to do is press the E key and target your opponent. With Lob Shot, as the name suggests, you can send a lobed ball at your opponent. This technique is especially effective when you want to go around a wall to hit your target. On a console, just press the Triangle or Y button while throwing a ball with R2 or RT. On the PC, press the Q button while recording. With cluttered shots, all you have to do is hold down the R2 or RT button on the console until your sphere changes color and turns scarlet. This technique can also be combined with the brushed and lobed strokes mentioned above. The fake hit works like a kind of liar poker with your opponent. While aiming at your target and holding down the R2 or RT button, press your right stick to make your character do a fake console shooting animation. Just press the F key on the PC to run this animation. About Knockout City Summary of Complete Knockout City Solution By daniwood, writing by MPTwitter

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